How will VR, AR, MR and AI technology impact the AEC community?

Wednesday 09 May 2018

Immersive Technology is already encroaching into the world of architecture and design with many forecasting that it will herald a radical new era for the design industry… but will it?

What’s for sure is that it’s nothing less than the collision of two major industries.  Immersive technology might be new for architecture but it’s fully established in its own right, borne out of the lucrative gaming industry and having evolved over decades has a very bright future. The core technology is now actively being adapted for many new markets which it is well positioned to exploit. Even without an infusion of Ai and Big data, (that’s a whole new ball game) immersive technology is establishing a presence in the following major marketplaces: security, entertainment/movies/experiential, aviation, automotive, eLearning, manufacturing, retail and of course AEC.

The established immersive technology players will have their work cut out for them developing products for this diverse array of new markets, so one question is how interesting will the AEC community be to them?

Will the mantle fall to the likes of Autodesk to introduce immersive technology to their existing customers? Revit is already on pitch, but is this the best way? What other possibilities are there? Open platforms?  

Assuming there is a big take-up from architecture, the next pinch point will be finding staff experienced in this technology, especially if the other market sectors are competing for the same staff.

These are just some of the questions we aim to ask a range of experts at our conference at Saddlers’ Wells in London.

IMBE 18 will bring together an awesome line-up of technology experts to present, debate and demonstrate the latest advances in this field enabling you to become better informed and become a thought leader for your firm. 

Michael Hammond

Editor in Chief

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