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Nick Myall
Wednesday 25 Apr 2018

A new retail outlet for some of the world’s most high profile car brands has opened in Indonesia...

Astra Biz Centre has taken a challenge to propose a showroom complex on the unconventional typology of the site and become the part of the mixed use development in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD). By taking the concept of an urban gallery, it offers a distinct experience on the junction with innovative operational solutions that integrate with sustainable design principles.  

Hosting brands such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Isuzu, BMW, Peugeot, Honda, and other affiliate companies (AFFCO), the showrooms that being the main space were separated individually into pavilions. Taking an example of Honda’s showroom, the aerodynamic metal roof that reinforced the iconic theme of the automotive skin that appears to be floating in contrast with the lightness of the curtain wall below. The space in the middle of the open plaza form an avenue of walking gallery so the visitors can explore around the prestigious car showcase to experience the unique car dealership features.

Besides that, the linear orientation of the showrooms with the shopfront facade facing the main road allow Astra Biz Centre to be an urban window to the public realm. The active frontage strategy and the low-rise scale of the showrooms give a connectivity between the showroom and the passersby, between the car display and the people.

The placement of several open spaces, pedestrian facilities and large urban plaza are aimed to support the community’s interest for motor vehicles. Places such as the sunken plaza of AFFCO and the transitional space for pedestrians  in front of the showrooms are designed to carry out various activities and exhibitions for automotive enthusiasts. The implementation of ‘shared space zone’ principle allows cars, motorcycles and pedestrians to interact dynamically which support its function as a multipurpose gathering space. The public open spaces were placed on the east, in respond to the climate and enable the cross ventilation around the building.

The project also displays an innovative solution to resolve operational functions. The placement of the workshops in the basement give maximum space for the public open area on the ground level. Meanwhile, wide openings facing the main street and void on the other end of the basement enable cross ventilation. Thus the combustion of the machine can be release to the open area. It demonstrates a distinctive approach to showroom and repair design which stands out amongst other Astra projects.

Overall, Astra Biz Centre was designed not only as an ordinary complex of workshops, showrooms and offices, but also as a place for gathering and interactions in the emerging Bumi Serpong Damai. Due to its innovations, the design of Astra Biz Centre is believed to have the potential to set a benchmark in the future as a branch expansions.

Nick Myall

News editor

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