Gail Taylor
19 Apr 2018

Planning two young gourmet chefs‘ first restaurant gave Austrian architecture firm, Destilat the opportunity to realise an exciting gastronomical project in a heritage-protected environment.

The architectural concept was based on the culinary philosophy of Marco Barth and Sebastian Rossbach: a kitchen with simple yet top-quality - and predominantly regional - products that are finished in a sophisticated and creative way.

Grounded simplicity, regional value creation and high-quality materials therefore underpinned the design concept. The project’s central challenge was to restore the spatial quality of the existing building.

Suspended ceilings were removed to make the original arched ceiling visible again. Surfaces were carefully restored, and preserved wherever possible. An extremely tight budget required Destilat to diligently evaluate every single measure, in order to ensure that “less is more”. Smoked oak and scaled sheet steel, which were produced by small workshops from Austria‘s Muehlviertel region by local craftsmen, were used for the minimalistic furnishings.

This has the effect of lending the premises an almost monk-like strictness and simplicity, contrasted with selectively placed, and more playful elements.

The spatial connection between kitchen and guest area was vitally important to both clients. The goal was to stay in direct contact with the guests, but also to let guests have a good view of what is going on in the kitchen.

Therefore the design comprised an open floor plan with a reception/lounge area, a bar, and a guest area with an adjacent small library as well as a kitchen that opens towards the bar. The kitchen is also connected to the guest area by a window.


Gail Taylor

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