When a house becomes a village

Nick Myall
06 Apr 2018

Allowing the light to flood the interior and being in close contact with the outdoors are key aspects of this Austrian project

Commenting on their residential project in Austria, ‘bungalow k’, PASCHINGER ARCHITEKTEN said: “With an atrium and a swimming pool as a focal point, the individual houses on this project are situated in such a way that makes generous room-high glazing as well as privacy simultaneously possible. 

Each home defines its own outdoor area through orientation and covered terraces, each with its own character arising from the open atrium, which acts as a sociable outdoor lounge to the covered terraces of the rooms and the living room which act as intimate retreats.” 

A home that is organized like a village 

The architects went on to say: “Coming from the street, you first pass the periphery - garage and technical or storage area, which shields the centre from the outside. Along the "city wall" you reach the friendly opening and covered entrance.

If you now circle the house in a clockwise direction, you will reach - past the front playground and the pool - towards the "Gasthaus" - the kitchen-cum-living area, which is fully glazed over two sides to the Schanigarten - the terrace.

The "Children's House" is moved forward to the neighbour and defines the border to the back garden.

The "The parents house" has moved away from the children and has turned 30° towards the west. Between the children's and parents' house, the common living room is set up as a common marketplace. The distortion of the parent's home gives the living room an exciting twist.

The living room is oriented towards the atrium as well as to the private garden via floor-to-ceiling glazing and thus represents the inner connection of the various outdoor areas.

Each house defines its own outdoor area through orientation and covered terraces, each with its own character from open to intimate.” 

Letting the light flood in...

Finally the architects added: “As soon as you enter the building, you will be surprised how radically the house opens to the outdoor areas. You are immediately in the center of the house - and almost back on the terrace - the whole atrium and pool in the field of view; The entrance area is open to the kitchen and the living room, but they are protected from the first glance - the rooms can only be guessed from here for now. The atrium brings light into the depths of the house, dividing the house into zones and rejoining those zones, allowing two-sided alignment of the eat-in kitchen with natural lighting at any time of the day, as well as a two-sided lighting of the living room.”

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