WAN Residential Award 2017 Winner Announced

Thursday 01 Mar 2018

The extraordinary Post-earthquake reconstruction demonstration project of Guangming Village by The Chinese University of Hong Kong unanimously claims the Residential Award 2017 title

We are excited to announce that The Chinese University of Hong Kong are winners of the WAN Residential Award 2017 for their standout design, the Post-earthquake reconstruction demonstration project of Guangming Village

The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s design was chosen by our industry expert panel, who viewed a shortlist of six entries before selecting this year’s winner. This year’s jury, chosen for their experience and expertise were: Lotta Nyman, Associate Director at Levitt Bernstein, Carl Vann, Equity Partner at Pollard Thomas Edwards, Andrew Waugh, Director at Waugh Thistleton Architects and Cian Davis, Studio Director at Bates Smart.

Jury quotes:

“It’s just exceptional. It’s an easy one to choose as the winner.” Lotta Nyman 

“This project demonstrates how tradition and technology can be combined to positively progress a localised vernacular. This achieves more than an impulse to maintain an area's heritage; it provides a way forward to house vulnerable families in a typology which is equally functional, repeatable and joyful!” Carl Vann

“What's really exciting about this project is that you’ve got a bunch of experts and they’ve gone into a local context where they've identified a problem and rather than just steam rolling in with their own ideas, they’ve talked to the people about how they live, how they build, what the problems are and they’ve really worked with the people to form a solution. It has a real Elda Rossi feel to it, a simple beauty and I think that the technology, the process and the end result, it’s all just been so successful.” Andrew Waugh

“I like it. The concept of the vertical atrium as a kind of breeze-way is really great. I think how they channel the space and the way in which they divide it into a double-height atrium courtyard and usable working and living space, I think it's really quite nice. It takes on the vernacular but it does it in quite a staid and continued way.” Cian Davis

We would also like to congratulate two regional winners: 

Marc Koehler Architects with their project Superlofts Houthaven awarded Best in Europe regional winner within the WAN Residential Award 2017.

RAD Urban LLC with their project Garden Village, Berkele, awarded Best in Americas regional winner within the WAN Residential Award 2017.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank not only the jury, but all who entered their projects into this year’s WAN Residential Award 2017.

All 2018 WAN AWARDS categories are open for entry with a special early bird discount available until 29th March. For more information, please click HERE

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