WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2017 Winner Announced

Thursday 01 Mar 2018

Oslo Airport by Nordic - Office assisted by NSW architects of Architecture champions the WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2017

We are excited to announce Nordic - Office of Architecture assisted by NSW architects as the winners of the WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2017 for their astounding and holistically designed, Oslo Airport.

Nordic - Office of Architecture’s entry, assisted by NSW architects, was selected by our experienced jury panel, who viewed the final shortlist of six in depth before choosing the overall winner. This year’s jury, chosen for their expertise in this area were: Jon Eaglesham, Managing Director at Barr Gazetas, Clare Murray, Head of Sustainability at Levitt Bernstein, James Greaves, Partner at Hopkins Architects and Mark Robinson, Science & Industry Leader at Arup Associates. 

Jury quotes:

“I like the idea that they’re not just talking about sustainability as materials and low energy, they also talking about efficiency. So they made it as small as possible and they’ve stacked the domestic, international zones making travellers use all gates, giving it a smaller footprint. It’s a huge import hub, it's infrastructure, it's important and it looks good. It gives a civic contribution and it’s trying to give a message, which I think it does successfully.” Jon Eaglesham

“The first airport in the world to achieve BREEAM excellent in itself is commendable - interesting use of materials and passive design approach.” James Greaves

“It must be easier to get sustainability created into smaller projects, than it would be for this project. I expect that there would have had to have been a lot of fight for this. This project requires a lot more effort and push from the design team and the architecture to actually rigorously push this one through, as it probably faced quite a bit of resistance. It's also the gateway to Norway, it’s selling Norwegian design, it’s selling the country, its engaging on lots of different levels.” Mark Richardson

“This project has got innovation, design and sustainability.” Clare Murray

We’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Nordic - Office of Architecture assisted by NSW architects for their fantastic winning design. We would also like to thank not only the jury, but all those who entered their projects into this year’s WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2017.

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