RRA wins the Fjordporten Oslo S competition

Nick Myall
24 Jan 2018

Nordic Light by RRA wins the invited planning and architecture competition under the direction of Bane NOR Eiendom (BNE)

A unanimous jury has voted for the RRA project Nordic Light as winner of the invited planning and architecture competition for the design proposal of Fjordporten Oslo S.

The winning team behind the project consists of Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter AS in collaboration with C.F Møller Arkitekter, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure, Baugrundinstitut Franke-Meißner und Partner, GMBH and Transsolar Climate Engineering.

Excerpt from the jury’s report

“Nordic light takes its strength from a controlled and careful form expression. The project’s proposed integration with the station areas and the overall draft of the blueprint will help to further develop Oslo S as the country’s largest collective hub, and will offer the travellers great new spatial and qualitative experiences. The project showcases good solutions for the design and connection of the adjacent spaces to the project. The architect’s approach provides a good potential for the rehabilitation and enhancement of the protected Østbanen structure, and will give it a central role as part of the station’s future visual identity. The project shows credibility and an understanding of the complexity that this task invites to....”

The project consists of four main elements: the station’s areas, with the abandoned public square as a link to Oslo S, the cultural and conference base, the pergola as a guiding line between Queen Eufemia’s Street and the station, and the tower with capacity for hotels and workplaces for optimal area utilization of the new creative hub.

The project sets ambitious sustainability goals, combining high BREEAM classification (excellent-level), as well as focus on LCC, LCA, flexible solutions of the building utilization, and focus on the implementation of the project and the upcoming operating period.

Background of the competition

Bane NOR Eiendom (BNE) invited four teams in June 2017 to a restricted planning and architecture contest for the design of “Fjordporten Oslo S”.

Bane NOR will develop Oslo S in the coming years, for the improvement and the efficiency of the hub, the facilitation of property development and the enhancement of land use which supports the hub, the improvement of travel services and commercial offerings, and the expansion of Oslo S with a high architectural quality. The first step in this enterprise is the development of the station and the “Fjordporten” tower in Oslo S. 

Fjordporten will have a prominent role in the cityscape with its central location, its volume, height and location as part of the collective hub expanding to Christian Frederik’s square. Bane NOR Eiendom (BNE) has high ambitions for this project and, through the invited competition, wanted to find for Fjordporten a new building expression for the tower that interacts the best with the surroundings, provides good conditions for implementation while ensuring high architectural qualities. 

The jury’s decision

The jury has considered the proposal on the basis of a comprehensive discretionary assessment, contingent on the competition program and the evaluated criteria. 

The jury’s assessment is that the Nordic Light proposal best responds to the program’s challenges. The project shows a good understanding of the task’s many premises and a willingness and enthusiasm to find solutions through good and sustainable architecture. The jury believes the proposal has a concept that shows a suitable approach, is robust enough to withstand the necessary adjustments and that the project could be strengthened through this work.

Competition teams

Twenty-four international teams sought to participate in the competition. The following four teams were selected:

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, C. F Møller Arkitekter, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure,

Baugrundinstitut Franke-Meißner und Partner, GMBH, Transsolar Climate Engineering 

BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, Element arkitekter, Midtconsult, ÅF Engineering 

Ingenhoven Architects (D), Common Ground (Oslo/Berlin), Atelier Loidl Landschaftsarchitecten, Werner Sobek, CDM Smith Consult 

Sauerbruch Hutton (Berlin), Studio Oslo landskapsarkitekter, Bollinger & Grohmann Ingeniører (Oslo), Golder Associates 

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