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Nick Myall
Friday 19 Jan 2018

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the architecture firm takes on the future with a trio of big transformations

After 40 years, the world-renowned architecture, interiors and planning firm, FXFOWLE Architects, originally founded as Fox & Fowle, is rolling out a new name. Now to be known as FXCollaborative, the name casts the creative spirit, as well as the legacy of the firm, to the forefront of its brand.

“We are excited about how the name ‘FXCollaborative’ reinforces our shared core values and the essence of working together: creating buildings and environments that resonate and endure; celebrating our clients’ unique cultures; designing with deep respect for our planet’s resources; and embracing diversity and promoting social responsibility,” said FXCollaborative Managing Partner Guy Geier, FAIA, FIIDA, LEED AP. “As part of the ongoing evolution of the firm, founded by Bruce Fowle, ‘FXCollaborative’ builds on our history while establishing a clear identity for our practice as we head into the future.”

The FXCollaborative logo was designed by Pentagram. Michael Bierut, partner at Pentagram, said, “The new identity is not so much a logo but a statement of purpose and a commitment to a way of working. It’s a simple statement but a profound promise, reflected in straightforward typography and a simple, strong underscore.”

As the firm marks its 40th anniversary in January 2018 with the new name, it looks forward to another significant change. In a little less than four years, FXCollaborative will relocate from its Manhattan location (its home for 35 years) to Brooklyn, into a new building of its own design, One Willoughby Square.

The vibrant scene in Brooklyn is conducive to FXCollaborative’s position in the field. With the profession becoming increasingly polarized between small boutique firms and large global firms, FXCollaborative resists being wholly defined by either of these models. It operates like a large atelier, with few boundaries between disciplines and typologies, reinforcing information and knowledge exchange.

"We're one of those few firms that have really claimed the middle, and own it," said FXCollaborative Senior Partner Dan Kaplan, FAIA, LEED AP. "In the era of very large design organizations, there's a lack of nimbleness perhaps, and a lack of personal touch. Yet for our size, in the age of leveraging technology and collaboration, there's nothing we can't do—and do well."

Describing the future home of FXCollaborative, Kaplan further explained, “We crafted One Willoughby Square specifically for Brooklyn. Our design promotes social and natural connectivity with wide-open, light-filled work environments, which is something that we as a firm are passionate about. We imagined what kind of spaces would attract dynamic, collaborative tenants, and envisioned a building that had a sense of creativity and flexibility.

We then had an epiphany and realised we wanted to occupy this building, since it perfectly mirrored the FXCollaborative culture.” Developed by JEMB Realty Corporation, the 34-story mixed-use tower is slated to open in 2021. FXCollaborative has signed a 15-year lease for 40,000 square feet on floors seven through nine; the move is planned for 2022.

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