WAN Resort Complex Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

06 Dec 2017

Six stunning projects selected for the Resort Complex Award shortlist

The brand new WAN Resort Complex Award 2017 celebrates the very best in resort design. An increasingly mobile population has led to a growing need for elegant, high quality hotel resorts. This is reflected by the number of projects being completed each year. We received a high-quality standard of entries from projects across the world, which gave our expert panel the difficult decision of choosing a shortlist of six.

This year’s jury, chosen for their expertise within this sector were: Nicole Hammond, Associate Vice President & Operations Director at WATG, Ken Wai, Global Design Principal at Aedas and Sean Clifton, Director at Jestico + Whiles.

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

SIX SENSES ZIL PASYON, in Felicite, Seychelles by Studio RHE

“This is an outstanding intervention that actually improves the local environment. Context, surprise, ecology and aesthetics combine to create an incredible treat for all that are able to visit this wonderfully special place. A simply beautiful project that has been created with a generous heart and soul.” Sean Clifton

“The remote nature of the site has engendered a considered approach to its sensitive environment in terms of the operation of the resort, and this is reflected in the architecture. Carefully-designed glimpses are set up, linking man-made elements with nature; angular, contemporary forms contrast with the rounded rockscape. This resort promises the guest interaction with nature - the promise appears to be well delivered.” Nicole Hammond

Manshausen Island Resort, in Steigen County, Norway by Stinessen Arkitektur AS

“A very poetic design based on connecting human to nature. The location views of the coast and its ever-changing environment are the main event" as the cabins perk over the water. All other functional amenities are cleverly packaged together into the rest of the cabin." Ken Wai

“With a stark yet environmentally highly sensitive setting, the design for the Manshausen cabins has clearly been obsessively thought through to the last detail. “Unique” is a word that is often used in relation to resorts, but this one really is quite special; the simple cabin design makes a point of receding into the background and allowing the spectacular setting to speak for itself.” Nicole Hammond

Element of Byron, in Byron Bay, Australia by Shane Thompson Architects

“A design that is very interesting. It used a very elegant roof form over the main building that houses the operational and recreational facilities which helped to create a special resort experience. The scale and seemingly organic nature of the development obscured by natural planting presented a journey on arrival and a strong sense of well being.” Ken Wai

“It is wonderful to see how context and the environment are at the very heart of this resort's' design. Preservation of water bodies, flood protection, organic architectural play, and beautiful views all combine to create a special guest experience.” Sean Clifton

Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort, in Liyang, China by AchterboschZantman Architecten

“The treehouse concept is not a new one, but here it is executed successfully – simple and beautiful, the units are generously sized but touch their environment lightly – cut and fill is avoided in favour of stilts and steps. The resort is disparate but anchored by a rectilinear timber theme that is carried throughout. The units are set delicately within the surrounding forest, creating a place where the cliché of “feeling at one with nature” could well become a reality.” Nicole Hammond

“Elevated above vegetation on stilts, the resort uses a lot of local materials like bamboo to create a development that fits in very well in the landscape. The architectural language is modern and simple, not emphasizing unnecessary detailing. This gives a very distinctive design that is outstanding.” Ken Wai

Wilshire Grand Tower Complex - Intercontinental Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, in United States by AC Martin

“This is an Intercontinental hotel like no other. This building represents a forward looking future for LA, and the fusion of architecture, interior design and engagement with the outdoor environment is superb. I love the dialogue of art and architecture in this building.” Sean Clifton

“An Urban resort that connects to the city both through location and guest experience. The design is both elegant and stylish. The triple height hotel lobby on top of the building exploits the amazing views available to the project.” Ken Wai

Hyatt Place Patong, in Phuket, Thailand by Original Vision Limited

“What appears at first glance to be a superficial decorative element turns out to be quite meaningful – the snake-like articulations of the façade are the manifestation of a simple but clever concept within the guestrooms. The public areas are unpretentious and welcoming, indicative of a select-service hotel punching above its weight. In a world of hotels predictably claiming to be “exclusive”, it is refreshing to find an offering that sets out to be “inclusive” instead.” Nicole Hammond

“It is wonderful to see how context and the environment are at the very heart of this resort's design. Preservation of water bodies, flood protection, organic architectural play, and beautiful views all combine to create a special guest experience.” Sean Clifton

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists within the WAN Resort Complex Award 2017. 

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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