WAN Best MMC Project Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

Tuesday 05 Dec 2017

Six projects showcase the best in modern methods of construction

We are delighted to host the first ever WAN Best MMC Project Award 2017 this year. Driven by demands for shorter on-site build times, less disruption and more automation, our distinguished panel of industry experts were looking for innovation and new technology being applied to projects from BIM through offsite manufacture, modular units, 3D printing and mechanised installation techniques, all addressing this paradigm shift in our methods of construction.

Chosen for their passion and experience in this sector, this year’s jury panel were: Benedict Tranel, Principal at Gensler, Nigel Eckersall, Director of Design & Development at VX and Tim Partington, Board Director at Chapman Taylor. 

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

Black Door house, Christchurch, New Zealand by MC Architecture Studio Ltd 

“Not only does the project create innovative architecture through the use of the MMC but it shows how the small scale residential projects can benefit in terms of living comfort and sustainability through MMC methods that shine as an example to the larger developer projects.” Nigel Eckersall

“An interesting play of materials and scale that creates spaces that are calm and dynamic at the same time.” Benedict Tranel

“SIPs have been carefully integrated with a timber frame to provide a thermally efficient envelope which has reduced energy usage. The careful design and positioning of windows takes full account of the prevailing winds to provide a naturally ventilated house with no requirement for mechanical cooling during the summer months.”Tim Partington

Apex House, London, United Kingdom by HTA Design LLP 

“The design and delivery of Europe's tallest volumetric modular building is deserving of an MMC Project WAN award. The reduction in the overall construction programme and benefits offered  through the use of off-site construction methods are clearly demonstrated and offer a genuine solution to  overcoming the present shortage in construction skills and need to build more residential accommodation rapidly. The architect's design and expression of the facades demonstrates that volumetric modular buildings can be delivered with a positive visual expression despite the constraints imposed by the form of the modules.” Tim Partington

“This project shows how far the use of full Modular Construction has come of age by producing a building that from the inside and outside does not have the hallmarks or stigma of past full modular projects. It also creates an urban street scene and exemplifies the benefits of MMC in reducing program, carbon impact through reduced logistics but acts also as a catalyst for quality facades to a modular project.” Nigel Eckersall

University of Iowa Voxman Music Building, Iowa, United States by LMN Architects 

“The architect's use of parametric 3D modelling has clearly informed the design to optimise the requirements for acoustic performance with both the external and internal expression of the architecture. Research into material science, manufacturing processes has been combined with parametric modelling to optimise design, manufacture and construction and deliver the building within the a modest budget and tight timescale. The design of the interior finishes and form of the public areas, auditorium and concert hall have all been derived and informed by the effective use of a parametric modelling process resulting in bespoke responses to each of the spaces. The unique interior architecture is a refreshing testament to a form follows function approach to the design of the individual spaces.” Tim Partington

"From the inside to the outside this project creates interest of finishes, of materials and of space. The use of twisted terracotta facade panels, felt acoustic panels that create texture of space and the composite way in which acoustic panels are created to make art, space and performance is highly commended.  No detail is missed and yet the sustainable aspects of the project, the standardization of the construction, yet the way in which every corner of the building has a non uniform feel shows MMC at the macro level. Superb.” Nigel Eckersall

PAMM Cucuyo, Miami, FL, United States by Berenblum Busch Architects

“The use of 3D printing and the free form spanning structures that can be created are truly expressed in this considerate design that shows true form geometry as a self spanning architecture combined with modern methods of construction techniques that will no doubt start to inform the future of how we build the larger wider built environment. A truly beautiful object, a piece of art, an example of technology pushed to the limits.” Nigel Eckersall

“PAMM Cucuyo is the only entry to have utilised 3D printing techniques to inform the design and industrial robotics to manufacture the double curvature grid shell components of the building. The resulting form and appearance is a unique and visually striking piece of sculpture that functions successfully as a café pod. A great demonstration of design technology being used to inform and develop integrated 3D modelling, robotics and manufacturing techniques.” Tim Partington 

Tenerife Cruise Terminal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain by Berenblum Busch Architects

“The use of CLT technology has enabled the distinctive architectural form of the three new building elements to be successfully integrated with the existing buildings to create a seamless space for the new cruise terminal.” Tim Partington

“The Tenerife Cruise Terminal is a great example of achieving a great effect with an economical means. The repurposed building coupled with a minimal intervention, and the use of wood and color to create a material juxtaposition, is a thoughtful approach for how typologies can be inherited and given new life.” Benedict Tranel

“The Interiors celebrate the construction of MMC technologies and bring home to the visitor the full package of expressive exteriors, innovative construction and a sense of space, whilst being sustainable, which is where the roots of MMC were created from.” Nigel Eckersall

Raffles City, Hangzhou, China by UNStudio

“BIM modelling has been used very effectively to inform and understand the twisting geometry of the towers, the façade systems and the parameters of the environmental design whilst also allowing the fabrication and construction processes to be simplified whilst maintaining the architectural integrity. 

The resultant form of the architecture is both striking and elegant and provides Raffles City with a distinct identity against a backdrop of mundane high-rise architecture.” Tim Partington

“The way in which the project approached construction and facade design with the use of components and the concrete construction processes of the columns together with the BIM process of design is an example of how cutting edge design can be delivered through Modern Methods of Construction.” Nigel Eckersall

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Best MMC Project Award 2017. The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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