WAN Best Bridge Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

Monday 04 Dec 2017

Six outstanding projects selected for the Best Bridge Award shortlist

The brand new WAN Best Bridge Award 2017 is a global competition recognising the increasing importance of this sector as transport links between major urban areas steadily improve. This award celebrates innovation and elegant design applied to bridge projects, highlighting the importance of eye-catching architecture and robust structural engineering.

This year’s jury chosen for their expertise within this sector were: Cezary Bednarski , Founder & director at Studio Bednarski ltd, Martin Knight, Director at Knight Architects and Richard Hornby, Director at Arup. 

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

Inner Harbour Bridge, Copenhagen, Denmark by COWI UK Limited with Studio Bednarski

“This is an elegant understated structure that combines the simplicity of mechanical operation with novel articulation. The interleaving geometry and transparent balustrades afford viewpoints to the waiting users as boats pass. A rarity in that structural, mechanical and architectural simplicity and elegance have been combined in one design.” Richard Hornby

“An unusual and distinctive new opening bridge, which brings a sense of theatre to the Copenhagen waterfront. The distinctive 'kissing' mechanism offers a sense of drama and is a minimalist intervention in the historic context.” Martin Knight

Somers Town Bridge, London, United Kingdom by Moxon Architects

“An attractive contemporary interpretation of a Victorian era bridge structure, which is well suited to its historic context. The architectural detailing is rigorous and offers an enjoyable user environment, while ensuring the canal-side setting retains its prominence.” Martin Knight

“A rational bridge with a good degree of joy and playfulness in detail. A well thought out take on the traditional plate trough canal bridge of the olden times.” Cezary Bednarski

Undulating Bridge, Hoofddorp, Netherlands by LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects

“A pleasantly restrained design combining simple engineering with artistic ambitions of the designers.” Cezary Bednarski

“The side elevation views are very pleasing where the parapet displays maximum transparency and imagery. It is also particularly pleasing when lit at night and mirrored in the water. Deck structure is well and simply detailed.” Richard Hornby

“Structurally simple yet architecturally sophisticated, this unusual solution to a typical urban problem.  The design offers visual interest and, by highlighting the 'ordinary' setting, makes the sense of place 'special'.  The submission makes clear the rigorous attention to detail, making certain that an interesting idea would be a success when realised.” Martin Knight

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey by T engineering intl 

“Not a single unnecessary 'design move' for effect.” Cezary Bednarski

“A remarkable feat of engineering taken from concept to completion of construction in 4 years. It includes many world firsts and responds to major technical challenges of loading, dynamics, seismicity.” Richard Hornby

“It is rare to see a civil engineering project of this scale executed with such architectural finesse, both at a large scale and in the finer detailing.” Martin Knight

Boomerang and Jungle footbridges, Oslo, Norway by Degree of freedom AS

“The Jungle Bridge is enjoyable in its simplicity and detail.” Cezary Bednarski

“An unusual and quite different pair of bridges which combine to create a memorable and enjoyable user experience. The need for architectural and engineering flamboyance has rightly been ignored in favour of attractive, cost-effective and efficient design which is in harmony with its context.” Martin Knight

Christchurch Bridge, Reading, United Kingdom by Design Engine Architects

“The slenderness of the tower combined with the simplicity of the river bridge are very pleasing. There is minimal structural massing within the open views of the river plain. The corten barrier to the ramp slightly offsets this effect as it produces a corridor view when viewed obliquely. In pure elevation though the ramps do partially achieve the objective of a reed bank image." Richard Hornby

“An attractive new addition to the River Thames, offering a clearly visible landmark for users. The structural designer has benefitted from the input of an architect to realise a design which is both efficient and well-mannered.” Martin Knight

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Best Bridge 2017. The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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