Woods Bagot make plans for Sharjah

Woods Bagot are to play a major role in the Aljada Development Masterplan in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates

by Nick Myall 27 November 2017
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    Woods Bagot are working closely with Arada on the The Aljada development in Sharjah which offers a lifestyle that integrates Living, Working and Entertainment into a vibrant urban environment.

    The vision is to develop a new destination that elevates the standards of urban development in the Emirate. The Woods Bagot approach to the planning was to create a healthy and appealing urban environment through the allocation of sufficient green open spaces, contemporary architecture, safe pedestrian networks and public realm and an efficient vehicular network.

    The Wood Bagot team utilized parametric tools that allowed the rapid assessment and optimisation of the masterplan taking into consideration factors including environmental conditions, height restrictions, parcel sizes and maximum development yields. These tools also ensured that pedestrian connectivity was promoted by increasing outdoor thermal comfort through maximum shading, wind channeling and appropriate plot guidelines.

    The masterplan districts range from residential mid-density communities to neighbourhoods that offer high-end cultural and retail facilities. The districts are linked to each other by a green landscape loop which converges at the centre of the development, with this focal point distinguishing itself through its unique architecture and quality of public realm.

    The masterplan aims to create a vibrant, mixed-use community that is self-sustained and provides residents with a contemporary lifestyle within a green and pedestrian friendly environment.

    “Woods Bagot are delighted to be part of this unique development, envisioned to form a new destination in Sharjah, with vibrant cultural, retail and entertainment districts.” Richard Fenne, Principal and Studio Chair, Woods Bagot

    Nick Myall

    News editor

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