Max Mara is pleased to announce the reopening of the redesigned flagship boutique in New York City. With approximately 5,000 square feet, the reimagined freestanding boutique is realised in a historical Victorian style building on Madison Avenue and 68th Street. Max Mara originally made this location their New York home in 1994 when it was adapted for commercial use with a restored neoclassical façade and exterior, which was awarded as the best renovation of the year in the Upper East Side.

Duccio Grassi Architects lead the redesign of the space that truly embodies the essence of Max Mara’s Italian heritage and contemporary spirit. The underlying design concept lies within maintaining the building’s historical nature – the original walls, bricks and windows are no longer covered or obscured. Blending historical architecture and modern design, the newly designed space evokes Max Mara’s fundamental brand values of Italian craftsmanship and timeless construction.

The Max Mara Madison Avenue boutique maintains the clean, elegant and refined lines and finishes that unify all brand flagships, while also encompassing unique contemporary details. The entrance floor is made of ceppo stone, the same opulent material used in Milanese palaces. Oak and grey pearl marble in geometric patterns cover the remaining floors. Walls alternate between stone and brass, all treated with an original Tuscan craftsmen technique that cleverly contrasts with the building’s original brick accents. Simple hanging structures made of wood, natural iron and brass add an elegant dimension to the space. Light serves as its own natural architectural element within the space as it penetrates the interior from the various windows in a way that enhances the tubular brass diffused chandelier, designed specifically for this location by Duccio Grassi Architects.

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