WAN Small Spaces - Permanent 2017 Shortlist Announced

17 Oct 2017

Six inspirational practices selected for the Small Spaces - Permanent Award shortlist

The WAN Small Spaces - Permanent Award 2017 is a specialist category that celebrates small scale architecture. With diminishing land availability, decreasing budgets and real estate at a premium, it falls upon architects and engineers to create ever more imaginative solutions to small-scale structures. The Award recognises the most inspirational of these projects; designs that deliver novel, aesthetically ambitious ways of maximising space within a minimal footprint.

This year’s jury, chosen for their expertise within this sector were: Russ Edwards, Design Director at Pocket Living, Nils Johan Mansåker, Managing Director, Design Leader and Co-Owner of Fortunen Architects, Adam Tither, Director at EPR Architects, and Jonathan Manser, CEO of The Manser Practice. 

The six shortlisted projects in no particular order: 

Wake up spaces: ECO- Balcony by Farming Architects

“A very sincere approach to make a quality space out of a very harsh situation - and it functions. The effect of such a project can also be spread, and give the same qualities to a large number of people.” Nils Johan Mansåker

“It’s a wonderful idea. It’s quite beautiful. On a large scale it could make a difference” Russ Edwards

“It is really quite reasonable in terms of how you could implement it relatively cheaply.” Adam Tither

Half-Tree House by Jacobschang Architecture

“It’s just so well considered. It’s in the right place and it’s the right size.” Russ Edwards

“The use of materials is simple and is lifting the project one step higher.” Nils Johan Mansåker

“They’ve been very innovative with their budget. It’s not trying to do anymore than it needs to. I would happily go there.” Adam Tither

CLOUD HOUSE by Matthew Mazzotta

“I like it. It’s a bit of fun with an educational element, teaching children about the water cycle. If I lived locally, I’d take people to see it. It’s orginal.”  Russ Edwards

“It’s appealing. It makes you smile.” Adam Tither

“Cloud house shows a very important approach to what architecture should bring into the international discussion. The simple space within the section shaped by the wooden surfaces is also a good experience.” Nils Johan Mansåker

Sanitary pavilions International Scout Centre Zeewolde by MOST ARCHITECTURE + TomDavid

“I think this is great. The process of coming inside from outside is progressive.” Jonathan Manser

“The exterior vertical wooden structure communicates very well with the surroundings.” Nils Johan Mansåker

“The overall design was a real pleasure” Adam Tither

PIANO HOUSE K.448 by NI&Co. Architects

“It’s a clever use of space” Adam Tither

"Very exciting tight space organisation around the grand piano.The use of materials is consequent, and underlines the special qualities.” Nils Johan Mansåker

“I like it. It’s doing clever things acoustically. It’s heavily engineered.” Russ Edwards

Temp'L by shinslab architecture

“The narrative around it is compelling.” Russ Edwards

“The contrast between outside and inside is very effectful.” Nils Johan Mansåker

“It’s an extraordinary space. I’d love to go and sit in there.” Adam Tither

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six shortlisted finalists within the WAN Small Spaces - Permanent Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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