WAN Small Spaces - Temporary 2017 Shortlist Announced

17 Oct 2017

Six ambitious projects selected for the Small Spaces - Temporary Award shortlist

The WAN Small Spaces - Temporary Award 2017 is a specialist category that celebrates small scale architecture. Today, architects need to do more with less; with smaller budgets, less available and more costly land, architects and engineers need to be even more creative to develop small scale structures. This award recognises the most inspiring of these projects, designs that deliver innovative and striking ways of maximising space within a minimal footprint.

This year’s jury, chosen for their expertise within this sector were: Russ Edwards, Design Director at Pocket Living, Nils Johan Mansåker, Managing Director, Design Leader and Co-Owner of Fortunen Architects, Adam Tither, Director at EPR Architects, and Jonathan Manser, CEO of The Manser Practice. 

The six shortlisted projects in no particular order: 

A-lava Summer Stage by Aalto University Wood Program

“This simple and consequent structure, made with only wood, gives a clear connection from the exterior signals to the inner atmosphere.” Nils Johan Mansåker

“I like it. Functionally it works really well.” Russ Edwards

“In its prefabricated format you can see how this would be erected quickly in that environment.” Adam Tither

Hong Kong East Community Green Station by Architectural Services Department

“It’s been transformed, it’s really fantastic.” Russ Edwards

“It has a noble ambition. It’s improving dilapidated underpaths.” Adam Tither

“A complex and demanding structure. An important project on an important issue.” Nils Johan Mansåker

Treehouse by Studio Kyson

“I think it’s very clever, it’s got a lot of potential. The use of materials is discreet.” Adam Tither

“The mirroring outside contrasts the dark, closed, quiet inner space, and makes it a contemplative place.” Nils Johan Mansåker

i-Rock by OOIIO Architecture

“The exterior is organic.” Russ Edwards

“It has a real clarity of thought, in reference to the rock sculpture.” Adam Tither

Air Garden by Ryo Yamada

“Fine concept, giving some essential space experiences to the user. Well organised wooden structure” Nils Johan Mansåker

“This is beautiful. It’s brilliant that you’ve got to experience it on its own.” Russ Edwards

Cricket Shelter and Edible Insect Farm by Terreform ONE

“It’s fantastic. It’s got a futuristic quality. I can imagine it as a shelter. It shows an understanding of a wider context.” Jonathan Manser

“Complex and advanced structure consisting of pragmatic but nevertheless very sustainable elements of insect homes. Put together as a very exciting space and outer form.” Nils Johan Mansåker

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six shortlisted finalists within the WAN Small Spaces - Temporary Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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