WAN Landscape Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

17 Oct 2017

Six outstanding projects selected for the Landscape Award shortlist

Now in its fifth year, the WAN Landscape Award 2017 specialist category was established to celebrate and promote the best in landscape architecture from enhancements and small developments to the largest master plans. 

This year’s panel, chosen for their experience within this category were: Eliot Postma, Architect and Group Leader at Heatherwick Studio, Linda Thiel, Partner & Director at White Arkitekter, Andrew Taylor, Director at Patel Taylor and Donncha O Shea, Partner at Gustafson Porter + Bowman.

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

North Bank Bridge Park: Reclaiming a Post Industrial Riverfront, in Boston, Charlestown and Cambridge, MA, United States by CRJA-IBI Group

“An interesting way of celebrating this great piece of engineering while opening up new vistas of the city, from what could so easily have remained an unloved and harsh urban landscape.” Eliot Postma

“I like how they worked with the light; it almost feels that it would be safe to walk there at night which opens it up to more public usage.” Linda Thiel

“This sort of work is very hard to do, and they’ve managed it well. It’s very clever.” Andrew Taylor

Madrid Rio, in Madrid, Spain by Burgos & Garrido; Porras La Casta; Rubio & Álvarez-Sala; West 8

“An enormous undertaking and a great achievement, creating a tapestry of interesting and varied experiences along this waterfront.” Eliot Postma

“It’s great that they’ve managed to see a project on such a large scale all the way through.” Linda Thiel

“It feels robust, it feels almost joyful in a way.” Donncha O Shea

Holyrood North, in Edinburgh, United Kingdom by HarrisonStevens Limited

“There is a great use of materials and the project has been very well handled.” Donncha O Shea

“A delicate use of materials that both reference the historic city as well as the surrounding landscape.” Eliot Postma

Yongqing Fang the Civic Alleyways From Urban Transformation, in Guangzhou, China by lab dh urban design & landscape ar

“I love the focus of this scheme on using the historic alleyways that would have grown organically over time and bringing back to life the rich material texture that sat forgotten. The modern additions are a great complement, especially in their contemporary reuse of salvaged materials. It gives these moments a sense of place and specificity that could so easily have been lost.” Eliot Postma

“The use of material is fantastic. Working with a really small scale, they are not trying to do too much. It’s great that they were able to carry out this project, as this neighbourhood could have been demolished.” Linda Thiel

“You can’t deny the impact of this project.” Andrew Taylor


 “It’s always great to see investment in the public realm, especially in such a deprived area.” Linda Thiel

“There’s some really positive things being done; the use of tactile paving to guide you through a city centre. There’s some real considered details which have created a nice urban environment.” Donncha O Shea

“The landscape has given the spaces a real warmth.It feels like they’ve brought everything back to life.” Andrew Taylor

St Patrick's Island, in Calgary, Canada by W Architecture and Landscape Architecture

“The series of interventions feel light, yet well considered and well woven into the natural landscape while being respectful of it.” Eliot Postma

“I do like the handling of the project.” Donncha O Shea

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Landscape Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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