Future Projects Urban Design 2017 Shortlist Announced

Tuesday 17 Oct 2017

WAN Future Projects Urban Design Award 2017 Shortlist Announced. Six stunning projects selected for the Future Projects Urban Design Award shortlist

Now in its third year, the WAN Future Projects Urban Design Award 2017 was founded to celebrate excellence in ‘design only’ projects, welcoming innovative entries that demonstrate vision and progressive thinking. This year’s entries showcased a fantastic array of urban concepts from across the world. 

This year’s panel, chosen for their experience within this category were: Eliot Postma, Architect and Group Leader at Heatherwick Studio, Linda Thiel, Partner & Director at White Arkitekter, Andrew Taylor, Director at Patel Taylor and Donncha O Shea, Partner at Gustafson Porter + Bowman.

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

Aflaj Park, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates by ICON

“I find the project very interesting. It’s very progressive. A move towards landscape in general is something that is only just emerging in this region. A really good brief, it’s fantastic to see this pushed by a government development agency.” Donncha O Shea

“I can see something within this design which really relates to the topography and the geography of the area. I feel that there is a lot of sensitivity and they are really working with the ground.” Andrew Taylor

Las Salinas, in Vina del Mar, Chile by Sasaki

“An exciting proposal with a strong overall strategy, as well as attention to interesting human scale moments.” Eliot Postma

“This development has a real ambition, which is public realm and community led.” Donncha O Shea

“I appreciate the effort the architects have made to put the community hub up along the main road. It connects the old with the new, and acts as the starting point to getting down to the water.” Linda Thiel

The Hydroelectric Canal, in Boston, MA, United States by Paul Lukez Architecture

“It’s an interesting idea basing this development on an evolution of the area's historic energy production, and gives the scheme a specificity to this location that developments of this scale often lack.” Eliot Postman

“In development it’s putting energy, community and urban spaces all together, a proper future project. So much consideration has gone into this project.” Donncha O Shea

“I feel like this project, more than any other, is really looking to the future. It feels future-proof with the use of the grid; very innovative.” Linda Thiel

“I see a lot in this project. The hydroelectric concept is sound and is a big idea. This feels like it could be a place.” Andrew Taylor

Atlanta’s Park Over GA400, in Atlanta, GA, United States by Rogers Partners Architects+Urban Designers

“Stitching new elevated space back into the public realm below is always a challenge, this scheme looks to have outlined the keys areas with enough space to make these moments work.” Eliot Postma

“This project will certainly make a huge difference. It’s also nice that they connected their green spaces.It’s attempting to deal with the traffic issue in the US.” Linda Thiel

“This is a strong proposition, I like it. It sets the rules in which it works.” Andrew Taylor

Great Rivers Chicago Vision Plan, in Chicago, United States by Ross Barney Architects / Metropolitan Planning Council

“A wonderful opportunity to transform a huge area of forgotten habitat. The emphasis on the range of human scale interventions will create great new ways to enjoy the area.” Eliot Postma

“It’s a really ambitious project. It will allow people to engage with the river. It feels very realistic in what it’s trying to achieve.” Donncha O Shea

“When you see the before pictures, and the potential after images, you can see the difference this project would make.” Linda Thiel

“If this project went ahead, it would be incredible for the city. It also looks possible, which is always a positive.” Andrew Taylor

Yarinacocha Lakeside Promenade & Port Renewal, in Pucallpa, Peru by URVIA corporacion andina de urbanistas

“I like the interpretation of the vernacular architecture.” Eliot Postma 

“I like the fact they are making a place out of something that is also clearly very important to the village.” Linda Thiel

“There is real sensitivity to this project.” Andrew Taylor

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Future Projects Urban Design Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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