WAN Future Projects Residential Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

17 Oct 2017

Six forward-thinking projects chosen for the Future Projects Residential Award shortlist

The WAN Future Projects Residential Award 2017 celebrates residential projects that are design or concept only,  unrealised competition wins, projects on hold or under construction and speculative designs. This award looks to champion creations and concepts that have pushed this specific typology forward and proven a holistic and effective approach.

Our jury panel of experts who chose the final six shortlist were: Lotta Nyman, Associate Director at Levitt Bernstein, Carl Vann, Equity Partner at Pollard Thomas Edwards, Andrew Waugh, Director at Waugh Thistleton Architects and Cian Davis, Studio Director at Bates Smart.

Shortlisted in no particular order:

57 Macquarie St in Parramatta, Australia by Aleksandar Design Group Pty Ltd

“The staggering of the communal open spaces throughout the building, I think gives some exciting opportunities for the residents. The shared amenities are also generous spaces.” Andrew Waugh

“The rotating tower form is attractive and the way it meets the street level very successful.” Carl Vann

“I think the breaking of down scale on a podium, onto the streetscape is not bad at all. The tower lands well on the podium.” Cian Davis

The Clusters in the Forest in Elev, Denmark by FRIIS & MOLTKE Architects

“I really like how this has interesting variations within the clusters, enabling different sizes of accommodation. I really like how sensitive it is to it’s setting.” Lotta Nyman

“What I like about the quality of it is it’s quite a modest, quiet scheme. It fits into its context both in terms of its material and in terms of the plan and the way in which it works into the sculptured landscape.” Andrew Waugh

“It does appear like it’s been conceived as a couple of joint houses but it's actually an apartment building but scaled down. It deals with model living in its context.” Cian Davis

Sakura in Prague, Czech Republic by Jestico + Whiles

“This project is conceptually ambitious. An entirely planted edge to every floor elevates what would have been a conventional residential project to a potentially very rich living experience. All homes are well planned and have been carefully considered in terms of views and outlook.” Carl Vann

“I welcome that they are trying to add green to the foundational treatments. It looks very rational in its planning, no large terraces and they’re dual aspect which is a great achievement.” Lotta Nyman

“It's good to see high density, family dual aspects with nice, generous space.” Andrew Waugh

KARRLILJAN HASSELBY in Stockholm, Sweden by Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter

“They’re buildings that have focus on a communal space which I think will enhance the feeling of community. Although it’s high density, it’s relatively low-rise. I think that they’ve managed to increase the density on the site by careful use of plan and articulating the mass of the building.” Andrew Waugh

“This is very conceptually and diagrammatically legible. The buildings are planned to have both a good relationship with the street and the internal community created by the courtyard. The simplicity and rigour of the arrangement of homes, the approach to materials and construction is to be commended, and with good detailing this will be excellent.” Carl Vann

“I think its quite sensitive and I think the movement of the balconies breaks up the scale of the building. It seems to have quite a good communal ground playing. The scale is nice.” Cain Davis

USR in Chengdu, China by Sichuan Unionsun Real Estate Limited

“The plan is very clear and legible and I really welcome that it’s all dual-aspect units. The communal spaces in the public realm has been fairly well resolved.” Lotta Nyman

“The facade helps mask mechanical equipment which is positive. The internal facade is set back from the exterior screens which help with shading and natural ventilation as well as hiding all the services.” Andrew Waugh

“There’s a pleasant ground plan for the residents which is actually something that doesn't get done in China very often.” Cian Davis

Le Dune Residence in Torres, Brazil by Torres & Bello arquitetos + Construtora MonteBello

“They’ve sculpted the form to allow air and light into the volume. I think the use of bamboo is a welcome and clever local contextual material and it certainly helps to break up the house with the concrete. I think it's a nice, modest building.” Andrew Waugh

“It looks appropriate to its context. It builds on Brazil's tradition of a modern building in a tropical environment and it looks appropriate, which I think is probably the key point. Like all good examples of contemporary architecture, it seems sensitive to its environment, the sun and its site.” Cian Davis

“The final elevations have a satisfying composition of elements and the plan demonstrates generous and well proportioned living spaces.” Carl Vann

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Future Projects Residential Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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