WAN Wood in Architecture Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

16 Oct 2017

Six projects showcase the best in design for the Wood in Architecture Award 2017

The WAN Wood in Architecture Award 2017 category is a specialist category that celebrates advances in wood design, showcasing the elegant, natural and versatile material that continues to challenge architects today. Renewable and durable with a highly distinctive appearance, this versatile material continues to inspire new directions in timber design. 

Chosen for their dedication and passion in design for this sector, this year’s jury panel were: Jon Eaglesham, Managing Director at Barr Gazetas, Clare Murray, Head of Sustainability at Levitt Bernstein, James Greaves, Partner at Hopkins Architects and Mark Robinson, Science & Industry Leader at Arup Associates. 

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

Tusen Takk Residence in Leland, Michigan, United States by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

“An apt use of timber in direct reference to the surrounding woodland context.” Clare Murray

“Tusen Takk Residence is a well detailed use of timber both in terms of joinery and external cladding.” James Greaves

Maggie's at the Robert Parfett Building in Manchester, United Kingdom by Foster + Partners

“The unique use of timber laminate cut in a 3D lattice creates a visually distinct and pleasing structure, bringing warmth and delight to occupants inside.” Clare Murray

“You can feel healed when you have a timber structure that is highly contextual and refined. The timber trusses are beautiful and the way they connect the external and internal environments made me smile.” Jon Eaglesham

“The lightweight lattice roof is both inventive in its structural design, but more importantly seems appropriate for the building type. The internal spaces are made richer through the expression on the roof, but still retain a sense of calm and restraint.” James Greaves

Mountain Cottage / Kluszkowce in Warsaw, Poland by HOLA Grupa Projektowa

“Mountain Cottage / Kluszkowce is a good example of using traditional craftsmanship, particularly the  timber single facade, in contemporary building form.” James Greaves

“A beautiful example of the use of timber shingles as a seamless cladding material.” Clare Murray

University of Massachusetts Design Building in Amherst, MA, United States by Leers Weinzapfel Associates

“University of Massachusetts Design Building is an ambitious project embracing cross laminated timber.” James Greaves

“An inspiring use of structural timber, providing architecture students with a first hand reference of glulam structures.” Clare Murray

Hardelot Elizabethan Theatre in Condette, France by Studio Andrew Todd

“It’s rather lovely! I think that it is stunning, beautiful.” Jon Eaglesham

“I think it's brilliant. Experimental wood based structure and finishes throughout - a well considered display of wood in all building elements.” Clare Murray

“Hardelot Elizabethan Theatre as a modern interpretation of the Elizabethan theatre embracing timber construction in a contemporary way, and creating a rich, well detailed auditorium and expressive building form.” James Greaves

Nearly Zero Energy Building of the Gui'an Innovation Park-THE Studio in Guiyang, China by SUP Atelier

“An honest and raw use of timber together with local woven cladding material - well suited to the experimental nature of the building occupants.” Clare Murray

“Nearly Zero Energy Building is an example of timber used to create an exemplar sustainable building which is both innovative and contemporary, yet evokes traditional building forms and construction methods. The timber structure is simple and clearly articulated. Economical materials such as OSB board and the reworking of a traditional rattan woven facade gives a rich expression to the building and characterful internal atrium space.” James Greaves

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Wood in Architecture Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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