WAN Future Project Commercial Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

Monday 16 Oct 2017

Six notable projects selected for the Future Projects Commercial Award 2017

The WAN Future Projects Commercial Award 2017 celebrates and highlights projects that are design or concept only, unrealised competition wins, projects on hold or under construction and speculative designs. This award welcomes innovative entries that demonstrate vision and progressive thinking.  

Chosen for their experience in this sector, this year’s jury panel were: Sarah Brown, Director at TateHindle, Benedict Tranel, Principal at Gensler, Ian Bogle, Founder at Bogle Architects and Chris Brandon, Managing Principal at Perkins + Will. 

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

Greenland Tower Chengdu in Chengdu, China by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

“A clever and elegant mixed-use proposal with an artistic imagery.” Ian Bogle

“The tower will be a landmark building within a flat bowl of land extending from distant snow-capped mountains. The simple tapering form and ice-like materiality gives the building a timeless beauty. The ‘ribbon of ice’ concept, a geometric undulating structure, displays great merit by not over-complicating the form.” Sarah Brown

“An interesting and unique geometric pattern that creates an intriguing three dimensional texture across the façade. In the context of the challenges of building supertall buildings, this is a creative expression carried through the façade design.” Benedict Tranel

“This is an elegant solution for a very tall building. Its crystalline façade will reflect light from the different facets  as the sun moves across the sky.” Chris Brandon

Camp Adventure - The Treetop Experience in Haslev, Denmark by EFFEKT

“In places they have actually changed the arrangement of the walkway and created these little theatre seat spaces where you’d sit and look out, so there’s some really nice things happening. They have altered the walkway and made these little theatre seats. I quite like it.” Sarah Brown

“I liked this one a lot too, experientially, it's very interesting. This was very unique because we don’t have something that is that high off the ground.” Benedict Tranel

“It’s a good way of seeing the terrain without damaging it. This is about enjoying the canopy of the trees.” Chris Brandon

“A clever and interesting proposal which looks like a lot of fun!” Ian Bogle

Project Genesis, location: confidential, United Kingdom by Perkins+Will UK Limited

“I love the simplicity and if you're going to have a series of them then it makes sense simplify.” Sarah Brown

“This is really interesting; the form with the facade and what it's done there.” Benedict Tranel

Liepaja Thermal Bath in Liepaja, Latvia by Steven Christensen Architecture

“I would be interested to see how the spa pool space would actually feel. Could be a very evocative space.” Ian Bogle

“A fascinating building type that I am very interested in from a historical point of view. Sculpturally interesting.” Chris Brandon

“Creating serene spaces for contemplation and relaxation, the design is a grand gesture inspired by the simple form of a water pool or droplet which is repeated to create domed chambers for the various water-based activities of the spa. The overlapping circular pattern in the plan grades spaces by volume, connects and links the domed forms, creating a three dimensional chain of rooms. At this early stage of the design, the material selection is unclear, but the concept is clearly displayed in the elevational layout of solid and void, and the forms within.” Sarah Brown

“An interesting theoretical exploration on the powerful geometry of the dome that yields some surprising results.” Benedict Tranel

Folded Wings, Palo Alto, California, United States by Form4 Architecture

“A well balanced proposal.” Ian Bogle

“An interesting development that plays on the fractured appearance of the wing shaped roofs to create visual interest. I particularly like the way the landscaped surroundings relate to the buildings.” Chris Brandon

“The simple repeated form of the extended shallow pitched rooflines of ‘folded wings’ gives a rigour of simplicity. The shaded spaces below will be pleasant for visitors and allows the architecture and ‘people spaces’ to override the dominance of retail signage and frontage. The design will invite and encourage customers to dwell, helping the development to thrive. Timber clad single and two storey elements add to the intimacy of space and tactile materiality.” Sarah Brown

Hotel Atlantic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

“This is a very interesting solution to a building type that is often monolithic and overly decorated.  Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill’s hotel form is shaped with cutbacks and punctured and enclosed within an external cuboid mesh. I particularly like the way the building will appear very differently between day and night.” Chris Brandon

“This proposal addresses a number of the environmental issues of the climate in a delightful manner.” Ian Bogle

“The design of the scheme is comprehensive in its thought process to detail and layout planning, whilst original in the overall concept.” Sarah Brown

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Future Projects Commercial Award 2017. 

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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