WAN Tall Buildings Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

16 Oct 2017

Six stand-out projects selected for the Tall Buildings Award shortlist

The brand new category WAN Tall Buildings Award 2017 recognises designs that push tall buildings into new and exciting directions. Appreciated for their sheer height or skyline silhouettes, this award champions projects that redefine tall building design through the implementation of innovative technologies, plans, materials, and urban context. To enter into this award, buildings must be of a height of 100 metres and been completed within the last five calendar years.

The esteemed jury panel who were selected for their expertise in this area were: Firas Hnoosh, Principal and Design Director of Architecture for Perkins+Will’s Dubai Office, James Parakh, Architect & Urban Design Manager at the City Planning Division City of Toronto, Robin Partington, Managing Partner at Robin Partington & Partners and Ken Shuttleworth, Founder of Make Architects. 

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

Shinsegae International in Seoul, South Korea by Olson Kundig Architects

“This is a project that demonstrates that a well-executed simple geometry can result in a beautiful and elegant building.” James Parakh

“This building manages to combine simplicity and complexity in a way that is pleasing on the eye, from the outside and from within. It manages to elegantly transition from the scale of a human being with fine detail and craftsmanship, to the grander scale of the building as a whole, providing a visual feast in distant views.” Robin Partington

“A beautiful building with modernist overtones having a strong identity that appears to draw reference from Maison de Verre. The vertically sliding shutters offer theatrical animation to the façade enriching its relationship with the street.” Ken Shuttleworth

FKI Tower in Seoul, Korea by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

“An elegant and simple form when viewed from a distance.” Robin Partington

“This project demonstrates that a simple, elegant form can result in a sophisticated, tall building which is creative and ground-breaking in many ways. A stated client objective is the desire to design a building which was contextual to the predominantly orthogonal architecture of Yeouido District. The project is designed with a custom skin that responds to this specific site and fulfilling the city's requirements for all new large-scale commercial buildings to generate a minimum 5% of their energy onsite. The skin uses solar orientation to create a corrugated façade to help minimize glare and maximize exposure for façade mounted photovoltaic panels.” James Parakh

“The initial idea for this scheme is strong, and the façade is both interesting and functional.” Ken Shuttleworth

Shanghai Tower in Shanghai, China by Gensler

“This is an exemplary project which advances the concept of vertical urbanism. While technically sophisticated, I believe this projects most remarkable feature is its 21 sky gardens which are influenced by the Chinese courtyard houses known as shikumen. The sky gardens create a unique urban habitat experience being places of gathering in the sky.” James Parakh

“The form of the building is an interesting response to the typhoon prevalent climate, significantly reducing wind loads which are the dominant force on tall buildings like this.” Robin Partington

“The tower is arguably the world's tallest building with the most aerodynamic form. Its form helps it mitigate lateral wind loads and acquire a unique silhouette and presence on Shanghai's skyline.” Firas Hnoosh

Dollar Bay in London, United Kingdom by SimpsonHaugh

“Very unique facade in its 3-dimensional articulation. Innovative in the use of winter gardens, sympathetic to its climate and act as thermal buffer in winter while offering natural ventilation in summer.” Firas Hnoosh

“The building provides animation on the waterfront and a discrete sense of arrival on approach, with space on a small site used to effect in creating a breathing space and modest setting for the building.” Robin Partington

“This appears to be a scheme of two halves. The effort to design and deliver very good sized residential homes and provide amenity space in the form of winter gardens is very good. The public space at ground level is also well thought through and provides an amenity to the wider area, not just residents.” Ken Shuttleworth

Greatwall Complex in Wuhan, China by 10 DESIGN

“Initially this proposal seems very simple yet when one discovers the intricacies of its public realm, one discovers that this project  is truly exemplary, innovative and quite honestly, a pleasant surprise. The triple layer hollow laminated low-E glass curtain wall improves the solar performance by 34% over conventional systems according to the architect’s design brief. This is noteworthy.” James Parakh

“The podium is the most innovative part. The winding ascending ramps and steps connect a series of staggered terraces offering unique interaction with the street level unseen before. It promotes connectivity between tenants and the outdoors in an innovative way.” Firas Hnoosh

St. Helens Tower in London, United Kingdom by TTSP

“This is a renovation of a 1969 modernist office building which includes the re-cladding of the lower levels. The interior has been revised to include new public spaces which are more welcoming to the visitor. The renovation has enhanced the street presence of the building which was one of the stated objectives by Aviva the client. The renovations are very successful in many ways and the entire thought process and execution deserves recognition.” James Parakh

“A praiseworthy transformation of a tired old building, creating new bright and light space out of tight floor-to-floor heights, effectively re-positioning this building in amongst many of London's best known and most celebrated new additions.” Robin Partington

“Unique lobby experience that truly bring the indoor to the outdoors with its innovative glass skin. Clever in the use of lighting as a wayfinding strategy.” Firas Hnoosh

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Tall Buildings Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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