WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

16 Oct 2017

Six stand-out projects selected for the Sustainable Buildings Award shortlist

The WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2017 is now into its sixth year. This award promotes and rewards projects that have used environmentally conscious techniques throughout the design process to create buildings that are resource-efficient and ecologically sound. It is hoped that this category will also encourage debate around sustainability to advance ideas and gain insights into this critical issue, both now and in the future.

Chosen for their experience in this sector, the jury who selected this year’s final six shortlist were: Jon Eaglesham, Managing Director at Barr Gazetas, Clare Murray, Head of Sustainability at Levitt Bernstein, James Greaves, Partner at Hopkins Architects and Mark Richardson, Science & Industry Leader at Arup Associates. 

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

City Hall Venlo in Venlo, Netherlands by Kraaijvanger

“I think that this is good because it has attempted to do ‘cradle to cradle’, which is quite an interesting concept. The fact that they authorised a cradle to cradle, it’s quite a hard thing to achieve and I think that by doing this they have encouraged the industry to change in some respects. I think it is attempting to do something really quite radical, it’s actually doing something quite important.” Clare Murray

“Green wall and impressive sustainable design features” James Greaves

“Its got a good recycle aggregate, which is not always easy to achieve. The interiors are really successful.” Mark Richardson

Caravanserai - Off-grid Farmhouse in French Island, Australia by Lai Cheong Brown

“Caravenserai is a truly sustainable dwelling. Borne out of a requirement to develop a design solution for this remote off-grid location, the architects have developed an innovative and exemplar approach to prefabrication, and with careful planning and responsible selection of materials Lai Cheong Brown create a unique and comfortable family home.” James Greaves

“The architecture has been created by the construction method and the time on site and getting it built is exemplary, so they’ve refined that. It’s off-grid which I thought was great.” Mark Richardson

“I like the innovation and the construction - four months is pretty amazing isn’t it?” Jon Eaglesham

Oslo Airport in Oslo, Norway by Nordic - Office of Architecture assisted by NSW architects

“This project has got innovation, design and sustainability.” Clare Murray

“Modern life does have flight. It actually takes a lot more guts to challenge the more dirty stuff, than it does the easier stuff. It must be easier to get sustainability created into smaller projects, than it would be for this project. It’s selling Norwegian design, it’s selling the country, its engaging on lots of different levels.” Mark Richardson

“I like the idea that they’re not just talking about sustainability as materials and low energy, they also talking about efficiency.” Jon Eaglesham

Nearly Zero Energy Building of the Gui'an Innovation Park-THE Studio in Guiyang, China by SUP Atelier

“An innovative design which integrates traditional construction methodology and design solutions in a contemporary way make the Nearly Zero Energy Building an exemplar sustainable building. Economical materials such as OSB board and the reworking of a traditional rattan woven facade gives a rich expression to the building and characterful internal atrium space.” James Greaves

“I really like this as this is a true experiment. They’re not trying to be someone else, they’re trying to experiment and reuse and think about different things.” Jon Eaglesham

“Things like using the timber frame is a lot more innovative than here in this country (U.K.). It also looks at innovation and sustaining green architecture in China.” Mark Richardson

The Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability at Sandy Ground, Staten Island, United States by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

“They’ve designed this to be sustainable. I feel that if you go to that building and you walk through it, you know it's been designed to be sustainable. It feels like they’ve taken it from the brief to the end, what they had in mind.” Jon Eaglesham

“School for sustainability with a variety of good active and passive sustainable design features.” James Greaves

Catuçaba House in Catuçaba - Sao Paulo, Brazil by StudioMK27

“The building is carefully sited into the landscape, with extraordinary views across the valley. A number of sustainable design features ensured that Catuçaba House is the first project in Brazil to receive the Platinum certification.” James Greaves

“I think it's got joy. They’ve done really clever things here.” Clare Murray

Commended Project

Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center in United States by ZGF Architects

“It’s clearly a sustainable building and they’ve measured it and proved it, it performs well.” Jon Eaglesham

“This building should be commended on its performance because this is really important.” Clare Murray

“The Rocky Mountain Institute boast some of the highest environmental credentials. A Leed Platinum building, with extraordinary high performance in terms of energy and water conservation, combined with carefully planning to ensure maximum user comfort. An Integrated project delivery model has also been developed to achieve a replica process on similar scaled commercial projects, making this an exemplar sustainable building.” James Greaves

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate the commended entry The Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center by ZGF Architects and all six finalists in the WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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