WAN Civic Buildings Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

Friday 13 Oct 2017

Six ambitious projects selected for the Civic Buildings Award shortlist

The longstanding WAN Civic Buildings Award 2017 is now into its ninth year. This popular award celebrates the finest in public sector architecture while promoting the best in pioneering civic design. Entrants are judged not only for their architectural quality and sustainability credentials, but also for their impact on the surrounding area and wider contribution to the local community. 

Selected for their expertise within this sector, the jury panel who chose the final shortlist were: Simon Erridge, Director at Bennetts Associates, Keb Garavito Bruhn, Founding Partner at Pilbrow & Partners, Carmen Pereira, Associate Partner at Mecanoo architecten and Suzi Winstanley, Associate at Penoyre & Prasad. 

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

Region of Vaud Sport House in Leysin, Switzerland by Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann

“There’s some really nice moments in the scheme, the public places where the architecture breaks and there’s a glazed section that penetrates into the other one, that’s a really nice moment. It’s so nice to see so few materials.” Suzi Winstanley

“Wonderful interior finishes and details.” Carmen Pereira

“This felt like it was impeccably detailed through and through, the quality of the exposed concrete and timber used throughout the building really supports the idea. This project will be seen from miles around, you will see it from above, you will see it sitting in this huge landscape which is dotted with small scale structures made out of wood. It's actually a very sensitive response to bury the project below ground rather than place it on the top.” Simon Erridge

Baha'i Temple of South America in Santiago, Chile by Hariri Pontarini Architects

“I think it’s lovely.” Suzi Winstanley

“Its vast, it’s absolutely vast. I mean, it’s a real achievement to have built it. It’s also really beautiful at night.” Simon Erridge

“I think it’s bonkers, but it's pretty amazing as well.” Keb Garavito Bruhn

The Palestine Museum in Birzeit, Palestine by Heneghan Peng Architects

“The project merges sympathetically into the landscape.” Carmen Pereira

“It just looks very simple. It's so well integrated into its context and I think the unusual form that it takes will work for the purpose that it’s for.” Suzi Winstanley

“I love the way that this sits within the landscape.” Simon Erridge 

Lima Convention Centre in Lima, Peru by IDOM

“It's quite conventional in terms of the plans that it's laid out for the different convention zones, but it’s a big empty flexible space that you could really contain any kind of activity in.” Suzi Winstanely 

“This is a really complex, carved out volume and it's got some really interesting internal / external spaces within it. It feels impressive. It’s nice that it doesn't feel over commercialised.” Simon Erridge

“The subtraction of volume in the centre of the building creates interesting physical and visual linkages.” Carmen Pereira

Training Recreation Education Center / Newark Housing Authority, Newark, United States by ikon.5 architects

“This is my favourite. I think that it’s a fine and flexible building. I think it has modesty and it’s well-detailed on the exterior. For me it seems like it’s going to have the biggest impact on its local community. It’s taken a shared form and executed it beautifully.” Keb Garavito Bruhn

“I liked the visual impact of it within its context. It feels like an industrial shed which has a scale that is different from its suburban context and stands out.” Simon Erridge

West Village in Chengdu, China by Jiakun Architects

“I think as civic architecture it is on a really tremendous scale. It's going to have a significant impact on the city and its residents. When you look at it’s relations to contain garden spaces, the mix of uses within the building and the areas where it allows itself to lift off and be unexpectedly different, I think it's in a tradition of having a Cedric Price Fun Palace, but delivered in a very concrete and robust way.” Keb Garavito Bruhn

“It can come across as tough, but it’s really impressive isn’t it? That’s what’s kind of nice about it, it’s not overworked. It's so different from any of the other projects we’ve seen particularly in China, in that it’s more about the uses and creating a space, than it is about form or materials.” Simon Erridge

“Fascinating programming, it has the power to transform the neighbourhood.” Carmen Pereira

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists in the WAN Civic Buildings Award 2017.

The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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