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Nick Myall
Thursday 12 Oct 2017

The American Greetings Creative Studios at Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio, USA, capped off a labour of love nearly six years in the making

The 660,000 sq ft, five-storey American Greetings Creative Studios has helped position the 110-year-old greetings card company for continued growth and adaptation to changing industry needs while providing an environment that more effectively supports the company’s creative and innovative culture.

“We are celebrating an incredibly significant time in American Greetings history,” said Jeff Weiss, Co-Chief Executive Officer, American Greetings, when the building opened. “Our Company purpose to make the world a more thoughtful and caring place is physically embodied throughout our new home, and, as the building itself was designed to maximize collaboration and creativity, we are forever grateful to the top-notch partners we collaborated with to turn this goal into a reality. The state-of-the-art facility represents a commitment to the future of the Company, to the social expressions industry, and to Northeast Ohio.”

The Creative Studios was designed by world-renowned architecture firm CallisonRTKL and brought to life by Walsh Construction as a part of Crocker Park, a Stark Enterprises development. Other valued partners include MGAC for project management and Bialosky + Partners for construction administration and design. The building boasts a modern, open floor plan; a unique and inspiring outdoor courtyard centrally located on the third floor; and a stunning interior masterfully curated with one-of-a-kind artwork of every medium that is almost-exclusively from American Greetings artists. The vibrant Crocker Park community and warm welcome from the city of Westlake have made the Company’s transition to the Creative Studios a smooth one.

“One of the world’s most consistently creative and forward-thinking enterprises has just lifted Crocker Park, Westlake and Northeast Ohio onto its shoulders,” said Robert Stark, President and Chief Executive Officer, Stark Enterprises. “Thank you, American Greetings, for leading us into the 21st Century with your confidence and your state-of-the-art workplace. It seamlessly melds with the contextual energy of Crocker Park, which is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all who partake in the experience that we are privileged to offer together.”

Nick Myall

News editor

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