WAN Concrete in Architecture Award 2017 Winner Announced

11 Oct 2017

The outstanding Flight 93 National Memorial by Paul Murdoch Architects wins the WAN Concrete in Architecture Award 2017

We are delighted to congratulate Paul Murdoch, winners of the WAN Concrete in Architecture Award 2017 with their design for the inspiring monumental Flight 93 National Memorial

The winning announcement was made at this year's UK Construction Week, during a thought-provoking panel discussion involving the judges from the category, along side a display of the shortlisted projects.

Paul Murdoch Architects design was chosen by an expert judging panel, who studied the shortlist of six entries in depth before selecting the winner. This year’s jury, chosen for their expertise in this category, were: Jason Parker, Partner at Make Architects, Rick Roxburgh, Architect at Grimshaw, Gordon Talbot, Projects Director at Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd. and Elaine Toogood, Senior Architect at The Concrete Centre. The judges praised the winning design for its dramatic and respectful response to an unusual client brief, together with its challenge to the traditional concrete typology.

Jury quotes:

“It’s stunning. The concrete is used perfectly to capture the kind of gravity and the momentous thing that it is there to commemorate. That’s where concrete really shines in the use of this scheme, they’ve used it very particularly. It’s quite a responsibility and they’ve taken it completely seriously, that in itself is a difficult thing as there must have been some very competing voices in a scheme like this. It typifies what’s great about a memorial, it’s entirely appropriate.” Rick Roxburgh

“It's a wonderful use of the concrete from a technical point of view and I think it's been used very appropriately. It's a back drop, its solemn, quiet, yet bold, beautiful and dramatic. I love the colour and the contrast of the different textures and where they’re placed.” Elaine Toogood

“Although I’ve not visited this project, just seeing the images creates an immediate memory. They are just very, very powerful and simple forms. I think they really need to be congratulated for holding it back and just allowing it, the material and the mass to speak for itself.”  Gordon Talbot 

“A grand and fitting vision which envelopes a hugely significant site. Concrete as monument reflecting a sense of permanence. Lighter built elements interplay allowing optimism to lift above the mass of concrete.”  Jason Parker

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank not only the jury, but all who entered their projects into this year’s WAN Concrete in Architecture Award 2017.

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