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Tuesday 26 Sep 2017

Restaurant Norda at Clarion Hotel Post, Gothenburg, Sweden, has a brand new suit – in green. With its own roof top garden, a new interior and a menu that suits all tastes, Norda Bar & Grill has been transformed into Restaurant Norda.

Spik Studios has created a new exciting look for Norda and its interior interacts with the K-branded property's origins from the 1920s.

"We have created a new scene for Norda, influenced by the hotel's new food concept, garden and creativity. With deep green vibrant patterns and natural materials along with olive trees and home-made inlets from the kitchen - a magic has been created in one of the most beautiful venues in Gothenburg", says Daniel Berg Stocks, CEO Spik Studios

Its 16,000 litres of soil has transformed its otherwise grey surface to a lush oasis. It has been named Urban Garden and farmers Jonas Lindh and William Bailey from Kajodlarna in Gothenburg ensures that the hotels restaurants Norda and VRÅ have access to heralded primers during the season.

In the cultivation beds, root vegetables, legumes with more exotic elements like chili and ginger are crowded. There is also an attempt to grow Wasabi that is used in large amounts at vRÅ.

The roof top garden in line with the hotel's investment in more plant based food and environmentally supports the complete ambition of fewer transports.

"The next part of the investment is a compost station for organic waste. Our work with the Urban Garden is just the beginning", says Martin Wiholm, Food & Beverage Manager at Clarion Post.

On the menu in Norda we find a variety of MSC and ASC-certified fish dishes. Fair and sustainable fishing is a clear line in the new restaurant.

"For us, it's important to work with certified ingredients and the MSC and ASC is good addition to the palm-free restaurant that we already are. The hotel's environmental goal "V.A.K.E.T" - reduced consumption of water, waste, chemicals, energy and transport imbued in Nordas operations", says Martin Wiholm, Food & Beverage Manager at Clarion Post.

Nordas kitchen focuses on food from the Swedish west coast, combined with influences from all areas and kitchens of Manhattan, New York. Nothing is left by chance when it comes to ingredients, dishes, drinks and sustainability in the new restaurant.

Whether dates, business lunches or just beer is in the calendar, the new Norda can satisfy anyone. Social dining at its best.

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