Designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures NAUTILUS ECO-RESORT is a pioneering, eco-tourism complex designed to unite the knowledge of the scientific community with the willingness of eco-tourists to optimize the revitalization and protection of a degraded ecosystem such as in the Philippines.

Based on biomimicry, the architectures of this Eco-Resort are inspired by the shapes, structures, intelligence of materials and feedback loops that exist in living beings and endemic ecosystems. By minimizing its ecological footprint, the experience is centered on the preservation of nature and local urban ecology while respecting endemic ecosystems and agro-ecosystems.

While upgrading the natural heritage and culture, this "zero-emission, zero-waste, zero-poverty" project will be built from reused and/or recycled materials from the archipelago. This collaborative concept offers responsible ecotourism based on education and interpretation in a natural environment, where the resources and well-being of local populations are to be preserved and gradually restored in a voluntary approach to "reimburse ecological debt".

Discover the world without distorting it. Revitalise ecosystems instead of impoverishing and polluting them. Actively participate in the restoration of cultural heritage. Exchange without arrogance and enrich yourself with the local communities by sharing eco-responsible behaviours. In the years to come, the relationship that we decide to maintain with nature will determine the sustainability of the Homo-Sapiens that we are. With this mindset, the Nautilus Eco-Resort is resolutely committed to the concept of environmental resilience, militating for a new social system that is concerned about human and planetary health!

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