A colourful contrast

Nick Myall
12 Sep 2017

The use of bold, vibrant colours throughout this house makes a clear statement and has created an exciting place to live

Located on the north east suburbs of Athens in Greece, this house has been designed by Kipseli Architects with vertical axis due to the building coverage ratio. Therefore each floor has a specific use; the ground and first floor are the house's living space and kitchen area which have both direct access to the exterior landscape due to the sloped lot.

The bedrooms, along with a small playroom, are on the second floor and the master bedroom is on the top floor and connected to the roof terrace. This four-storey rectangular volume opens up in order to welcome light and life into the house.

The north facade swings slightly in order to absorb the west sunlight and at the same time encloses the main entrance and stairway of the house along with the lift and the house’s atrium.

The opening gesture is underlined by using bright orange colour on the hypotenuse wall of the triangle and raising the sense of an "ablaze" space. The coloured wall is light-washed from above, and reflected upon all adjacent walls, creating a warm colour filter that travels through the whole house. This triangle shaped space, is an interstitial void that connects the circulation zone with the private and living spaces, thus becomes the most influential and significant part of the house.

The owner is a young man who is just about to start his family dream. His favorite movie is Star Wars and his favourite game is Rubik's cube. Therefore a colour palette of white, blue, green, red, yellow and orange (Rubik colours) has been carefully chosen.

The living space is white, both bedrooms are painted in green and yellow, the bathroom is covered with bright red tiles, and blue details. Furniture is carefully scattered throughout the house, just if the architect decided to start a "colour war" with the dominating orange. 

The house becomes a personal experience, physically and emotionally. The result is a dramatic architectural experience that pleases the playful owner's eye as it creates an elegant whimsical house that will accommodate his own galaxy of heroes.

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