WAN Adaptive Reuse Award 2017 Shortlist Announced

Sam Horscroft
04 Sep 2017

Six innovative projects selected for the Adaptive Reuse Award shortlist

In the pursuit of sustainable development and preserving the past for the next generation, many buildings are being renovated or redeveloped – a move that significantly reduces both waste and energy, and scales down the consumption of materials. Now in its sixth year, the WAN Adaptive Reuse Award 2017 recognises the talent behind these projects and champions the most successful examples of this type of conversion. 

This year’s jury, chosen for their expertise within this sector were: Simon Anson, Associate Principal at Grimshaw, Nina Rappaport, Publications Director, Yale School of Architecture & Project Director, Vertical Urban Factory and Andreas Lyckefors, Co-Founder of Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter.

Shortlist listed in no particular order:

THE STOREFRONT THEATER in Lyons, Nebraska by Matthew Mazzotta

“This is a superbly creative and original project. The adaptive reuse concept of the public seating space that announces itself with the press of a button is a vital concept. The flexibility that is in sync with the function and form are dynamic and inviting as a way to draw to the main street." Nina Rappaport

“This a highly innovative solution to create new communal space. By turning the shop front into a viewing platform, the designer has taken in the street and whole town as part of a socially driven reuse. The is an ingenious solution to local issues driven directly from the needs of local residents. Great grassroots approach!” Simon Anson

“The storefront theatre really sums up what this category is about. In an innovative original fashion the project introduces a new intricate piece of architecture to the public space in Lyons Nebraska. The most rewarding feature of the project is how it’s turning the set piece or coulisse architecture inside out and involves the entire street in the program. In doing so the architecture becomes an urban project as it interact with the surrounding urban space. It's also a striking sustainable solution as nearly becomes a social institution.” Andreas Lyckefors

Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) in Bangkok, Thailand by Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd.

“A beautiful insertion into a historic post office. Exploiting the large windows, there is a poetic use of translucent panels throughout to provide new transparency and shafts of light throughout the space. Although it seems there are minor changes to the main fabric of the building, the new fitout is thoughtful in response to the existing space and light.” Simon Anson

This is both a clever and a beautiful renovation project. The opening of the interior to embrace the creative worker is appropriate in its function and to the design concepts. The translucency in the library and upper floors is an innovative configuration that is also welcoming to the people who work in the spaces. The scale of the existing building also is well suited to the program and it goes beyond the expected and contains the unexpected for the visitor.” Nina Rappaport

“The project displays a great amount of sensibility to light and materiality. The play with colour, light and transparency is well executed in innovative solutions for the public areas of the program. The larger spaces are developed into new intricate architectural figures. The strongest conceptual feature is the play with contrasts, how dark and light textures and surfaces interlace and build the architecture.” Andreas Lyckefors

ZEITZ MOCAA in Cape Town, South Africa by V&A Waterfront & Heatherwick Studio

“The concept of using the concrete structure as base for new architecture is very strong. The architectural silhouette of the old silo has been reduced to a clear shape and then new elements of architecture complete the building in a sophisticated addition to the Cape Town skyline. Creating spatial qualities from reusing dynamic spaces, like the void in the heart of the Grain Silo, is a sustainable way of achieving extraordinary architectural experiences. Unfortunately the void and the roof window doesn't seem to have been build yet. The project’s greatest asset is the way it has transformed and old structure into a new iconic building in a well balanced mix of old concrete and new materiality.” Andreas Lyckefors

“This innovative project both expresses the original historic character of the tough concrete silos while providing a light and dynamic addition. The breaking into and inserting  a striking form in a hybridity is part of a series of complex exchanges.” Nina Rappaport

“This design pushes the boundaries of industrial adaptive reuse, repurposing with ingenuity the existing asset. The sculpting of the existing grain silos, while retaining the cellular form brings a poetic solution to previously concrete silos. Highly innovative and original.” Simon Anson

Charles Smith Wines Jet City in Seattle, United States by Olson Kundig Architects

“Opening up the 60’s façade is key strategy in the success of this project. A high resolution of detail implemented in a crafted manner. This attitude is placed in the material selection with its mixture of rawness and refinement. This answers the brief for providing a place for people while acting as a small scale winery.” Simon Anson

“This is the kind of project that could have been built at a new site but would never hold the richness and heritage it does when introduced into an existing building. The way the building has been stripped down to raw structure and remodelled for the new use is delicate and sensitive. New interior- and exterior architecture features are made with great precision and blends in well with the original character.” Andreas Lyckefors

“This is a dynamic transformation of a simple building into something communicative and grand adapting the building for a new life.” Nina Rappaport

One King William Street in London, United Kingdom by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

“The project is handsomely designed as it fits into the context while not overwhelming. It is the type of project that could be a prototype for many similar historic buildings as it snuggly nests within the block and the design enhance the interior spaces” Nina Rappaport

“This project shows that adaptive reuse can be both sustainable and beautiful. Achieving the client’s need of BREEAM excellent within a Grade II list building, paves the way in a sustainable approach to reuse for modern highly finished workplace environments. The detail and care of the finishes and fittings has transformed this space within the Bank conservation area.” Simon Anson

“The project has an overall high level of design and pays lots of attention to detail. The mix of original details with new additions blends in well with each other in creating new contemporary spaces. The renovation of the inner section of the project creates a more pragmatic use of the space as well as it introduces a better contextualised urban space surrounding the project.” Andreas Lyckefors

11 Spitalfields Gallery in London, United Kingdom by Chris Dyson Architects

“The project presents a great attention to detail and treatment of light. The central void with parts in glass is an innovative and original element of architecture that solves a spatial problem and adds character.” Andreas Lyckefors

“This project shows a highly considered and detailed approach. The strategy of bringing daylight through all the floor into the subterranean basement, brings what would have been a dark forgotten space back to life. Maintaining the existing structure while introducing a new palette of materials is thoughtful. The approach to materiality and detail shows a level care taken beyond the normal, to covert an East London building into a cultural hub for the local area. Great work.” Simon Anson

“The new details enhance and preserve the historic integrity of the building.” Nina Rappaport

WAN AWARDS would like to thank the jury and congratulate all six finalists within the WAN Adaptive Reuse Award 2017. The winner of this category will be announced on the 28th February 2018 at our prestigious WAN AWARDS 2017 Event.

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