NAKED espresso

steven penney
Monday 04 Sep 2017

NAKED espresso is a new espresso bar concept. The founders have a passion for coffee and strive to share this passion with their guests by creating modern yet timeless top-quality espresso bars in the city centre of Amsterdam. The vision of the people behind NAKED espresso is to create a place where guests feel at home and enjoy themselves, while experiencing the enthusiasm of the professional Baristas from up close.

Studio Ninetynine designs the interior of the first NAKED espresso location. Although it is rather a lucky coincidence that NAKED espresso’s first branch is located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the name of the Espresso bar originally refers to a very specific way of preparing espresso. The studio, however, took the literal meaning of the word naked as inspiration for the interior design. Unroasted ‘naked’ espresso beans change from soft green via different shades of brown to a deep dark brown during the roasting process. This range of colours forms the palette for the interior in a mix of soft and rough materials.

The layout of the bar is straightforward. A long counter cladded with very dark brown bricks and finished with an oak counter top is the most important element of the space and leads guests deeper into the bar. On the opposite side, a wooden seating element with nude leather details invites people to sit down and watch the Baristas at work. A green wall with black linear wall bracket lamps by Ebolight contrasts with the back drop of the 7m long bar which features a combination of dark grey zinc panels and reclaimed wood slats. A long wooden bench with cognac leather seating pads and white marble bistro tables along the back facade refers to a typical coffee bar terrace. Slightly hidden, a third seating area invites guest to stay longer. This booth with soft velvet cushions and a cloud of pendant lamps is the cosy hangout of the bar. Although nothing is more important than the coffee itself, three large pendant lamps, the Mannheim Star by Ebolicht,mounted along the counter line are the most recognisable and eye-catching elements of the first Naked Espresso branch.

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