A town’s best rolled into one

Nick Myall
Tuesday 25 Jul 2017

CEBRA designs a new street in a historic part of Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus

For the first time since the Øgade quarter in Aarhus, Denmark, was established around year 1900 the area is now extended with an entirely new street. The project Æbeløgade consists of 160 dwellings along this central new street. It forms a new neighbourhood in the city with varying housing types, a cosy streetscape and attractive courtyard spaces.

The best of the streets of Aarhus rolled into one project

The Øgade quarter in Aarhus has always been among the city’s most attractive neighbourhoods due to its narrow streets, varying residential architecture and cosy courtyards. Basically, we design a street that combines all the best from the area in the form of a cobbled streetscape with trees, sidewalks and inviting front yards that at the same time integrates recreational water elements, which double as climate proofing. Æbeløgade will function as a “shared space”, where children playing, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists contribute to create a vivid neighbourhood with room for common activities and play.

Like living in the botanical garden

According to TripAdvisor, the botanical garden in Aarhus is one of the top five park and nature attractions in Jutland. With its location next to the Æbeløgade development, the botanical garden therefore forms a central element throughout the project. Its blue and green elements continue through the street, up the green gables of the buildings and out onto green roofs of the dormer windows. They continue into the private courtyards as kitchen gardens, small groups of fruit trees and water elements such as fountains, winding streams and ponds.

“The site is situated right next to the botanical garden – one of the city’s most beautiful recreational spaces”, explains architect and founding partner at CEBRA, Mikkel Frost, and continues: “That is why we saw an opportunity to ensure a strong connection between the dwellings and the garden. By establishing two blocks with apartments and town houses an important and life giving street emerged in between – a street that leads directly towards the botanical garden and constitutes the core of the Æbeløgade project.”

The project is designed by CEBRA in collaboration with turn-key contractor Raundahl & Moesby and engineering company Orbicon.

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