Gaining harmony in the heat

Nick Myall
17 Jul 2017

With soaring temperatures during the summer months the architects on this Indian project had to work on reducing heat gain

This Residential project is situated in Jaipur city, Rajasthan, India where temperatures exceed 40c for most of the time around the year. This small plot has few residential developments around it. 

The planning for the habitable units in this small residential building had to be strictly, as per vaastu, which was the basic requirement and necessity from the clients’ sales team, which leaves very little scope for changing the planning inside the layout. 

This is a single tower building with two flats per floor and being 18 floors high, with each flat having balconies of approx. 200 Sq. Ft. area with flower beds. 

Owing to the small size of the plot, there was only 600mm available for elevation projections after setback deductions. 

So considering all the parameters, the architects tried to play with the balcony profiles which are on the northern side of the building. The balconies are twisted and connected with each other at various levels and in different directions. These projected balconies help in reducing the heat gain inside the living and bedrooms. Also, side walls of the twisted balconies help to control the temperature within the balconies as well. 

The central area of the building which incorporates fins is utilized for services and outdoor units for the building’s AC system. 

Each apartment is cross ventilated and naturally lit with a corresponding reduction in heat which is the requirement of the location.

The project has now been approved by the client and is currently being signed off by the local authority with work commencing in couple of months.

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