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Thursday 22 Jun 2017

FILD Design LLC was established in 2013 in Kiev (Ukraine) by Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Fedorenko. FILD is one of the main companies that formed an objects design industry in Ukraine. Ash grey and dimed yellow are identity colours of the company. FILD is built on the principles of clean minimalist lines and shapes of the objects design as well as in interior.  The team base their perception on design laconism, application convenience and pleasant textures. 

In December 2016, the first FILD Store was opened. Located in Kiev city centre, its grey facade contrasting the bright yellow entrance door attracts attention. FILD's new location combines a showroom with the complete display of products, an office-conference room and a manufacturing workshop. 

“We had been dreaming about and planning our own creative work space for a long time, and it is still hard to believe that we finally managed to find the right place with all the benefits," says Kateryna Vakhrameyeva. 

The building was erected in 1917 which Dan and Kateryna greatly appreciate its historical value, especially taking into consideration that the closest neighbouring building is the museum of Prominent Ukrainian Personalities. 

FILD space is divided into 4 practical zones: a showroom, an office, a workshop, and a kitchen. About 50 year ago, our showroom area was a boiler room. The kitchen, already part of the street, was basically an escape exit, and the office functioned as three tiny communal flats from the Soviet Union times. So it will be no exaggeration to say that we converted a multi complex facility into one solid, practical, minimalistic design space.  

In general, the interior design of the space is in recognisable "FILD" style: clean, uncluttered, airy, welcoming and user-friendly. The colour palette reflects the company’s branding identity. The floor, the ceiling, the lights, and some furniture items are all assembled in monochromic grey and a few bright yellow accents, like a shelving unit, for example, which is the centerpiece of the room.  The shelving unit is used not only for its primary purpose, but also as a hidden sliding door.  All the furniture, lights, entrance door, showroom set, and kitchen are custom made and designed by FILD. The visible line of exposed 100 year-old bricks brings a subtle “historical imperfection” into the whole modern interior project.

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