Shooshani Developers plan Long Beach ‘Village’

Nick Myall
Thursday 15 Jun 2017

Plans have been unveiled for a 22-Storey ‘CSULB Village’ that will include student and faculty housing, meeting rooms, an innovation incubator, art gallery museum, and ground-floor retail

Shooshani Developers have confirmed a partnership with California State University, Long Beach, to develop the “CSULB Village” in the six-block mixed-use district between Long Beach Boulevard and Pine Avenue from 3rd Street to 6th Street, now referred to as ‘The Streets.” The “CSULB Village”, which has been designed by Studio One Eleven, will be located on 4th Street and 5th Street between Promenade North and Long Beach Boulevard. Construction on the “CSULB Village” is set to begin in the autumn.

Dr. Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach, included the “CSULB Village” announcement during his presentation: “Building a Better Long Beach: An Update on Development in Long Beach,” at the Beverly O’Neil Theater on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

The 22-storey, 352,700 sq ft “CSULB Village” will include housing for students with 800 beds and faculty and staff with 50 units; 16 meeting rooms, 5,000 sq ft Innovation Incubator, 10,000 sq ft CSULB Art Gallery and Museum, and 45,000 sq ft ground-floor retail.

"The ‘CSULB Village’ is a gigantic win for the downtown core and will further activate the six-block area. This is the vision that we’ve long had for this site,” said Tony Shooshani. “We have been working with CSULB representatives for many years on possible projects in the area. The ‘CSULB Village’ will expand the University’s presence in the City and offer workshops, housing and additional amenities that will be an asset to the community.”

Studio One Eleven who designed the “CSULB Village” and is leading the way with transformative urban design and facade improvements to the six-block mixed-use district. They recently repurposed the former 34,000 sq ft Nordstrom Rack as their new office, which they designed as a playful and at the same time highly functional environment that beautifully expresses the firm's design-centric culture. With more than 135 employees, they are fully occupied and operational and their presence is already felt in the heart of downtown. The scale of the area is visibly improved; there is a ton of energy and activity progressively happening in this spot.

“As neighbors and the architects for this project, we are ecstatic about having California State University, Long Beach, coming downtown. The presence of a university is huge in establishing a true town-gown relationship,” said Michael Bohn, Senior Principal at Studio One Eleven. “Once a place for consumption the area is transforming into a vibrant mixed use community with creative office and now an educational-art-innovation components. Hopefully this will set a foundation for other institutions to look at downtown as a future home.”

It was also recently announced that two new projects are moving forward onto 4th Street with an innovative, parklet dining area in front of Milana's New York Pizzeria, Mitaki Japanese Restaurant and Fresh Kabobs, followed by a proposed new parklet on Pine Avenue in front of several retail locations including The Pie Bar. The 4th Street parklet will pay homage to Long Beach's music legacy and the Pine Avenue parklet will feature connections to Long Beach's Sister cities. The parklets are the kind of place-making environments that customers are asking for in the area.

New lease agreements have also been signed with several new tenants including Burgerim, Creative Crepes, Party Monkey, Poke Cat, Romeo Chocolates, Table 301 and The Plant Junkie.

In addition, Shooshani Developers will soon break ground on a new 20-unit mixed-use urban development on the parcel of land across from the old Walmart location. This will provide for additional housing in the heart of downtown and add a variety of new retail spaces to support the current demand. The residential component will complement the surrounding complexes while providing new residents the opportunity for urban living in a downtown seaside setting.

Most noticeably spread throughout the 350,000 sq ft mixed-use district will soon be distinct crosswalk designs painted at the entry points at Pine Avenue, Long Beach Boulevard and 3rd Street; new monument signage will highlight major entrances; and creative wall graphics will be applied to several highly visible locations.  

A new marketing campaign was recently launched and leverages the City's grid within the former shopping center's footprint and will allow the area to self-identify as a multi-faceted destination offering a variety of mixed-use services including professional, residential, retail and restaurants that will serve residents and visitors alike. The vision is that over time this entire six-block area and beyond of Downtown will be known as "The Streets." This will be further developed with a variety of strategic initiatives utilizing "The Streets" in e-blasts, website, social media, newsletter, merchandise and hashtags. 

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