Above all, Sonia Assouly and Laure Chouraqui of Studio Sur Rue wanted to regain the spirit of "joyeux bordel" (joyful chaos), very present in Tel Aviv restaurants. It is that very expression that the duo used as a keyword throughout the whole process. And since Yafo Houmous Deli is a lunch restaurant, they also wanted to create a canteen spirit, very open to the street, where people share tables and where food is served on trays.

Studio Sur Rue worked closely with their client to make sure Yafo expressed the story the owner wanted to tell. The owner made them taste his food, showed them the dishes and the way of serving that inspired him so that the designers could integrate this into the project. For example, the use of stainless steel dishes, very common in Tel Aviv restaurants, encouraged to highlight the material with the Indian kitchen stands.

The space being quite small, the studio envisioned the layout of Yafo from what can be seen from the street. The designers wanted the stainless steel kitchen stands to be facing the street, as well as the counter where the salads are arranged in large stainless steel dishes. The long high tables fixed to the side wall accommodate 15 people without disturbing the people queuing to order.

Assouly and Chouraqui aimed to create a contrast between the interior and the facade, using colour. A clear interior is better seen with a dark-coloured facade. As the studio were looking for a soft and warm colour for the interior, the pale pink used became the clear choice. 

To accentuate the canteen spirit, 10 x 10 cm white tiles were chosen for the walls and counter-top, with a Terracotta colour grout as a continuity of the pink walls. As for the tables they wanted to integrate with the rest, to have a coherent whole. The split tables reminded them of the old school tables that enabled them to put all of their stuff below.

Plywood was used in order to create a frame for the tables and shelves for the menu, cutlery and glasses on the wall. White stools and white ceiling sconces were chosen for something minimalist and discreet in order to bring out the stainless steel kitchen stands.


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