Feyenoord City plans unveiled

Nick Myall
12 May 2017

OMA have developed a concept masterplan for a new Sports City in Rotterdam in collaboration with Dutch football club Feyenoord

The city council of Rotterdam has approved the Feyenoord City concept masterplan in their public meeting on 11.5.17. With this decision, the city council supports the realization of OMA’s masterplan for Feyenoord City including the New Feyenoord Stadium on the river Maas. The municipality will contribute to this major city development project through the purchase and lease of land, shares in the new stadium and financing part of the planned infrastructure interventions.

The Feyenoord City concept masterplan has been developed by OMA in collaboration with football club Feyenoord, project team Feyenoord City and the municipality of Rotterdam over the past 1.5 years. Different than previous plans for a new or renewed stadium,

OMA’s masterplan proposes a Sports City, in which a new 63,000-seat stadium functions as a catalyst for the further development of Rotterdam Zuid, a part of the city that is in need of rejuvenation and economic injection.   

Feyenoord’s current stadium De Kuip, a municipal monument built in 1937, is to be redeveloped with respect to historical features into apartments, a sports experience, commercial space, an athletics sports centre and a public square. The area surrounding the stadium, Kuip Park, will offer green space for sport and leisure activities as well as residential units. The Strip, an elevated three dimensional pedestrian walkway, will connect the old stadium with the new stadium and include new public and commercial spaces, as well as large parking facilities. Located between the river Maas, the railway and the highway, the stadium is visible from the city centre and accessible from the ring road. Additionally a new promenade for slow traffic, the Urban Bridge, will connect Feyenoord City to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

In total, the program of Feyenoord City consists of 180.000 sq m housing; 64.000 sq m commercial space including a new cinema, restaurants, hotels, and shops; and 83.000 sq m public program including the sports experience centre and urban sports fields. The new infrastructure and stadium development is accompanied by an extensive social program with sports at its core. Feyenoord will set up a new multi-sports club for the residents of Rotterdam Zuid, and cooperate with the surrounding neighbourhoods to encourage sports participation.

David Gianotten, Partner-in-charge of Feyenoord City: “OMA is happy that Rotterdam has decided to go forward with the development of the first real sport city of Northern Europe, which will have a major impact on the South of Rotterdam and the rest of the city. I’m also delighted that we can maintain the legacy of Feyenoord and De Kuip whilst establishing a new stadium and amenities for the future of the club in Dutch and European soccer.”

Following the city council’s decision to support Feyenoord City, the project will proceed with the detailed design of the masterplan and the design development of phase 1 which includes the new stadium, four residential towers, a hotel and the development of the Northern part of the Strip. The new stadium is foreseen to open in the course of football season 2022-2023.

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Nick Myall

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