A timber tower grows in Sao Paulo

Nick Myall
09 May 2017

Designed by Jean Nouvel, the Rosewood Tower in Sao Paulo is scheduled to open towards the end of 2018

The Rosewood Tower was  conceived  as  a tribute to the Atlantic Forest that lines much of Brazil’s coast. French architect Jean Nouvel’s design is for  a  “landscape  building” that  feeds  into  the  lush  local  vegetation,  with  flowers, plants and trees draping the public and private spaces, terraces and rooftops of the complex. This vertical garden will not only secure a sense of continuity between the tower  and  its  surroundings,  but  will  offer  ample  protection  and  privacy  for  the building’s residents.   

The  hotel  complex  will  include  151  guest  rooms  and  122  owners’  suites,  two restaurants,  a  bar  and  a  caviar  lounge,  three  swimming-pools,  a  spa  and  a  fitness area.  This will be the  international  Rosewood  brand’s  first  six-star  hotel-palace  in Latin  America.  Linked  to  the  heritage-listed  Filomena Matarazzo  maternity  hospital, built in 1943, the Tower is a space for living and recreation, the main artery of what Cidade Matarazzo is about to become.

“Matarazzo Park is a remnant. More than a remnant, I would say it’s an oasis. It’s a space of calm  urbanisation.  A space of incredible trees:  figs and magnolias.  The hospital  in  the  middle  of  the  grounds  is  a  sort  of  mini-town,  very  well  organised around  patios.  Surrounding this little gem is  a  chaotic  metropolis.  What  is  most interesting  for  me  is  being  able  to  work  with  the  memory  of  the  place.”  ,  says  Jean Nouvel,  on  this,  his  first  design  for  a  major  Latin-American  city—São  Paulo,  which Alexandre Allard describes as a creative hub of the 21st Century.     

Commenting on working with Jean Nouvel, Alexandre Allard said, “like Lina Bo Bardi in the 50s, Jean Nouvel brings a fresh, contemporary foreign gaze that will reveal and underscore the unique beauty of this poetic isle that has lain abandoned for over 30 years. He will rise to the challenge of innovating, of creating a modern extension that respects the heritage-listed historic buildings at the site. That’s why I chose to work with him. Jean Nouvel and I want the Matarazzo complex to be preserved and rejuvenated. This Tower, standing 300 feet high, will be an original urban landmark, opening a new chapter in the history of transformations the Paulista Avenue region.

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