Lagos rises to the occasion

Nick Myall
Monday 24 Apr 2017

This unique wooden tower will form a sustainable landmark in Nigeria’s largest city

Lagos is the most populated city in Africa with a population of 21 million and represents a major opportunity for architects. Situated in the heart of Ikori, the most popular and the richest residential area in Nigeria, Lagos’s tower is a unique wooden structure that is designed to be a smart and sustainable building. 

The old existing building is located on the highbrow Bourdillon Road. It includes four blocks of housing units. Each consists of four bedroom and three bedroom apartments distributed on four floors. Additional amenities include, Swimming Pools, Gymnasium, Tennis courts, Children’s Playground, Parking lots, Borehole and water treatment, Sewage treatment plants and an electricity generator.

Lagos’s tower rises above the town and follows the sky as it searches to cross the limit of wooden construction. The new landmark is a mixed residential format that is built on the roof of Abebe Court, a housing estate. 

The whole is oriented to maximise daylight and natural ventilation. The wooden envelope provides shading from the heat of the direct sun. Plants are situated on each floor contributing fresh air flow and keeping a constant microclimate within the living space while providing visual comfort. 

The project focuses on the open area. This is an experimental tall wooden structure in Lagos. The apartments are designed around a central core. Building is divided in 4 parts. The existing structure and new are separated by sky gardens and amenities. The top roof consists of 360° restaurants and lush greenery. Sky gardens also form social gathering areas for users. It gives a new natural footprint to the historic Centre that is dominated by massive and heavy building built in ceramic, concrete and asphalt.

The envelope highlights Yoruba culture and their massive presence in the heart of Lagos and inspiration is drawn from the history of the Edo, Yoruba and Hausa people. Lagos is the oldest site of Benin Empire and it is impressive to see that there is always a traditional hierarchy in this modern city. 

The entire structure is built by using the sustainable LVL wood system which is used as a load-bearing and a non-load bearing structure. 

This experimental smart tall building is developed through natural, recyclable and local material. It can become a beautiful landmark for Ikori and in Nigeria. 

The WAN Awards Future Projects category is now open until 30th June.

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