RE:CHARGE Café by Humanscale and designer Todd Bracher in the heart of Milan’s Brera Design District.

Inviting you to re-energize both physically and mentally. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and charging stations as well as a health bar for rejuvenation of body and mind. With biological lighting that follows circadian rhythms and a lush green, air-purifying wall by Vertical Field, RE:CHARGE Café supports the harmonious blends of work and sociability, relaxation and recharge - all synonymous with the Humanscale brand.


RE:CHARGE Café offers much needed respite to design crowds who spend the design week avidly traveling the streets exploring the vast range of design exhibitions, presentations, and events. RE:CHARGE Café invites visitors to re-energize whilst promoting well-being through a carefully curated and researched space, educating and giving back to the design community.

RE:CHARGE Café features a communal table with custom, state of the art charging stations with built-in biological lighting and a lush green, air-purifying wall, made possible by the pioneering vertical agriculture specialists Vertical Field. Along with free Wi-Fi and a healthy bar offering specialized “Green Shots” for rejuvenation of body and mind.

Humanscale has explored the science of biological lighting and its connection to wellness; following the circadian rhythms, this lighting represents a step forward for mental well-being and the impact on physical health - further demonstrating the brand's commitment to design innovation, health and wellness.

“Some think that great design is a balance between functionality and beauty, I don't believe this is the case. All of nature is beautiful, and at the same time all of nature is completely functional. This concept is core to the Humanscale brand and the inspiration for the RE:CHARGE Café in Milan, a space that embodies functionality, simplicity, and well-being, whilst  at the same time is still very beautiful”  Bob King, CEO and Founder of Humanscale.

“Humanscale’s commitment to health and wellness at work is the basis for this concept. I’ve been visiting the Salone for nearly 20 years- jetlag, meetings, continuous exploring - puts strain on one’s immune system. We are offering an environment that is designed to retune your body’s clock and to provide an opportunity to experience some of the latest technologies and products we at Humanscale are exploring.’’ Todd Bracher, Acting Creative Director of Humanscale. 

Photo Credit: David Zanardi 

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