Forging a link in Vietnam

Nick Myall
Monday 10 Apr 2017

WATG have developed an elegant design for a bridge across one of Vietnam’s mightiest rivers

Vietnam has made significant development progress during the past two decades as it increasingly integrates into the world economy after years of isolation in the 60s and 70s. As a part of this process major infrastructure projects have been springing up across the country. The Tu Lien Bridge is an example of this trend. Designed by WATG and situated in the Tay Ho district of Vietnam near Hanoi, the 3 km Tu Lien Bridge rises as a simple but iconic connection across the Red River. 

The design, accommodating vehicular, pedestrian and cycling activities, is inspired by the grandeur of the local mountainous landscape silhouettes and is critical in the future development of the region.

Just as the mountains form a strong foundation connecting the land to the firmament, this design uses the strong curved supports and tension cables to connect land, sea, and sky while providing passage for man through the suspended valley between.

The WAN Awards Future Projects category is now open until 30th June.

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Nick Myall

News editor

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