Nick Myall
Tuesday 04 Apr 2017

The Urban Ecosystems of WOHA at the MEXTRÓPOLI festival in Mexico City highlights two decades of WOHA’s work and designs via sixteen intricate models

WOHA, the Singapore-based architecture firm renowned for their biophilic designs, is taking part in the MEXTRÓPOLI International Festival of Architecture and Urbanism in Mexico City. WOHA is the only firm whose exhibition will stay on display for one month, until the end of April, following the four-day MEXTRÓPOLI event. WOHA’s multimedia exhibition, GARDEN CITY MEGA CITY: The Urban Ecosystems of WOHA, highlights two decades of the work and design strategies via sixteen intricate models, an enveloping video installation, and large-scale representations of the dense, urban garden cities. The immersive six-room exhibition shows in superb luminosity and great detail large-scale buildings of significant relevance to the urban conditions and complexity of Mexico City — and other cities expanding across the Western Hemisphere.  

Commenting Richard Hassell, WOHA co-founder said: “Latin America, Southeast Asia and Equatorial Africa are all part of the tropical belt and have the same hot and humid climate. But aside from geographical distance, there’s also a lot of diversity in language and culture, which have resulted in a communicative divide. MEXTRÓPOLI provides a platform to bridge this divide and start a conversation with our Latin American counterparts. We are excited to share a wide range of completed major projects which can be seen as prototypes for a sustainable 21st century megacity.”

About the festival

MEXTRÓPOLI is a festival of conferences, dialogues, and workshops that engages over 52,000 students, citizens, and professionals annually, activating one of the most vibrant cities in the Americas. The event attracted other luminaries to engage in the programming, including Tatiana Bilbao, Reinier de Graaf, Peter Zumthor, and Moshe Safdie, amongst others.  The Urban Ecosystems of WOHA opening reception will be March 12 at 12:30 pm at the Museum of the City of Mexico, 30 Pino Suarez Street, Mexico City, and will run until April 30 2017.

The WAN Awards Tall Buildings category is now open until 30th June.

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