Turkey's first PPP Hospital opens its doors

Nick Myall
17 Mar 2017

The 1,300-Bed Mega complex designed by NKY in Mersin is accepting patients

Turkey’s first healthcare facility using Public Private Partnership (PPP) finance model is now fully operational, right after the official opening ceremony that took place on February 3rd. The Mersin Integrated Health Campus has a bed count of 1.300, where NKY successfully completed all conceptual design, construction documents and detailing. 

The mega-building consists of three hospital blocks, each a Center of Excellence for General, Women’s – Children’s and Oncology specialties; surrounding a central diagnostic & treatment core. The building flows with the natural topography of the site, where three main entrances sit on three different levels from north to south. The campus is easily spotted both from the city center and from the nearby intercity, making it easy for visitors to access. Main design principles of the 374.000 square-meter complex can be phrased as preserving the human-scale throughout the campus and creating a healing environment for all end-users. 

The façade uses beige and coffee ceramic tiles combined with curtain wall systems. The modulated alternating façade renders the mass to a comprehendible scale. This principle is conveyed to the interiors as well, where natural materials including timber and stone are used. The hospital contains 52 operating rooms, an 80-bed emergency department, over 400 exam rooms and various state-of-the-art units like radiation oncology.  

NKY design team spent a great amount of effort over a three year period, both on and off site. Mersin Integrated Health Campus is constructed by DIA, and is being operated by Mersin Health Investment Company.

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