Richard James Flagship

15 Mar 2017

The new Richard James flagship store in Savile Row has just been completed by Andy Martin Architects. As the largest retail space on Savile Row, the new store offers the customer a more holistic approach to the flagship stores' design that is articulated in simple, bold and recognisable design features.

Andy states his aspiration lies in aligning Richard James' core brand character with a unique design response, respectful of the site's context, innovative in its material and aesthetic qualities, flexible and durable in terms of its maintenance and overall performance. 

The extensive open space is delicately divided in two main areas, ‘Seasonal' and ‘Classic', by a translucent screen treated with a dichroic film which varies in colour, luminosity and reflectiveness. This free-standing screen becomes the central feature of the new space, operating both as a vibrant backdrop to the displays in the ‘Seasonal' area and a circulation distributor, concealing the more private area of ‘Classic' and the Changing Rooms. 

The element that blends the entire unit together is the proposed stretched canvas ceiling, which will conceal an adjustable ambient light system, providing a changeable character. The canvas will be versatile in that it can be easily changed, re-installed and decorated seamlessly.

Andy identified four main brand characteristics in ‘Richard James' recent collections from which visual and performative references are drawn from in his design. These are Reflected Colour, Colour Casting, Chroma and Translucent Inner Skin. 

Andy adds: "We derived techniques and effects from the above, which are directly translated in the key design features of our proposal. For example, the stretched canvas ceiling system works in direct reference to colour in terms of its reflective and projective qualities and the central screen evokes the chromatic and translucent related to light, texture and colour blur."

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