A ladylike elegance and a flair for simple geometry are some of the hallmarks of Jemma Wynne, a jewelry label that’s based in New York City. 

Interior designer Daun Curry, translated this design ethos into a suitably well-healed showroom space that is tastefully filled with myriad jewel tones, patterns and textures, custom-made jewelry cases to show off the label’s creations, an array of statement-making furniture and pop-inflected art pieces.

A large part of the Jemma Wynne brand is about the duality of the mix of classic polish and relaxed femininity. The showroom space reflects this concept and has a modern and contemporary feel with soft feminine elements and rich colors mixed in. Curry incorporated graphic black and white elements combined with really saturated emerald greens and teals, rich metallic textures, and beautiful shades of pinks throughout. The furniture has clean lines and feels more polished, but the soft pinks mixed with the dream-like smoky feel of the ombré walls offer that perfect balance.

Square Footage: 2000 sq. ft.

Key Facts

Interior Commercial Retail
United States

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