When discussing a basement, people typically associate this area with dark and damp. A Lentil Design overcame all disadvantages of  a basement to show the advantages through reforming. The challenge was createing a livable, comfortable and quality space on a strict budget. A Lentil Design even considered the evolution of the needs of the oppcupant that would inevitably take place over time.  After conducting a field investigation, they found there are two approximately 16m2 rooms that had poor traffic flow and stacked with clutter, and even a big wall paper shedding from the ceiling that all contributed to an overall feeling of depression. To make a big space and create a broader view, they knocked down the partition and tore down the ceiling, thus making the space open. The space looks bigger and wider by balancing horizontal and vertical lines, introducing daylight and fresh air into the room.

Besides structural reconstruction design, A Lentil analyzed the living habits of the newly married couple, and tried to meet their needs with functional design. Considering the differing lifestyle between wife and husband, they hung a curtain to separate work space and bedroom which easily establishes sufficient privacy and avoid the disturbance of light from the work space. Furthermore, replacing wet and cold tiles with installing a floating wood floor, to lower humidity and avoid anuncomfortable feeling when touching the wet tiled floor directly. On the other hand, how to make a clear space segment and consider if there are guests or new members in the future, movable furnitures play a crucial role in the space. It is easy to change traffic flow and make furnishes through moving furnitures, it not only creates multiple function, the owners also can enjoy flexible space freely even though in a small space.

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