Adam Grooming

Gemma Norris
07 Mar 2017

ADAM, the grooming atelier brand that brings a timeless barbering experience, opened its first location in Canary Wharf Station, London.

Designed by Eray/Carbajo, the space creates an unparalleled atmosphere in grooming. With its hexagonal layout, the design provides exclusivity and undivided attention to the guests while they are being served. Inspired by Turkish baths, its timeless materials like Marmara marble and natural chestnut create an elegant yet relaxing environment.

Branding and graphics also created by Eray/ Carbajo, the team aims to represent all men - from ancient "Adam" to the modern day guy - in its visuals. ADAM is the representation of invigoration of men, through timeless design and art of grooming.

ADAM will soon open two more locations in London, UK this year.

About Eray Carbajo

Eray Carbajo is an international architecture and design studio based in Brooklyn and Istanbul. With over 20 international awards in architecture, interior design, masterplans and product design; the studio is known to solve design problems with innovative and value-adding solutions.


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