Calatrava’s Rio museum welcomes 1.4m in 2016

Nick Myall
Wednesday 22 Feb 2017

Award winning museum becomes one of the main tourist attractions in Brazil

Santiago Calatrava’s Museum of Tomorrow surpassed one more milestone in 2016. The institution welcomed an audience of more than 1.4m people in its first year of operation. This is an extraordinary number for a cultural institution in Brazil, three times bigger than the original figure expected by Rio de Janeiro’s City Hall. Compared to other similar museums, the visitation registered by Museum of Tomorrow is significantly higher than all other museums in Brazil, according to the audience track survey from Ibram (Brazilian Institute of Museums).

The visitor numbers registered by Museum of Tomorrow is bigger than that of  Museum of Sound and Image - MIS SP (446,000), Art Museum of São Paulo - Masp (408,000), Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro - MAR (404,000), and considerably higher than 30 other institutions under the responsibility of Ibram.

In addition to becoming one of the main tourist attractions in Brazil, Museum of Tomorrow obtained more than ten international awards, recognitions and special honours from industry organizations and cultural entities around the world, including the Leading Culture Destinations Awards, in UK, and Inter-national Design & Communication Awards (IDCA) in Canada, among others.

“I’m very proud to represent an organisation that has received so many recognitions in such a short period of time. In its first year of operation, Museum of Tomorrow has become a world reference, attracting an audience that surpassed all expectations. The awards we’ve collected so far crown the effort to broaden the debate around possible ‘tomorrows’ and a better future for mankind ", said Ricardo Piquet, CEO at Museum of Tomorrow for Institute for Development and Management (IDG), an organization that manages and operates the museum.

Museum of Tomorrow opened on December, 17, 2015. In the first weekend of its operation, the museum was open for 36 consecutive hours and received 25,473 visitors. Since then, the dedication of the Museum team has grown along with the number of visitors. Throughout 2016, roughly 50,000 people were engaged in Museum of Tomorrow’s educational program, including 825 school groups, and 30,000 students from public and private schools. The museum supported 1,438 group visits in the same period.

At least 90% of the visitors were very satisfied with their experience at Museum of Tomorrow, according to the institution’s audience survey. The same survey shows that 91% were satisfied with the local assistance on site, and 94% would recommend Museum of Tomorrow to their friends or family.

One of the figures Museum of Tomorrow is most proud of confirms how the institution plays its role on inclusion and the development of new audiences for museums; at least 40% of respondents didn't visit a museum in the last five years, and 12% of these visitors had never been to a museum before. More than gathering audience, Museum of Tomorrow sparks dialogue and is a meeting point for all members of society.

“Museum of Tomorrow collects ideas instead of things. It is fantastic that such an innovative initiative can be pervasive to the aspirations of so many different layers of society, to the point of instigating the curiosity of more than 100,000 people, including people from different backgrounds who did not visit museums before and people who came here to find a welcoming space to discuss major matters for the future of the planet,” said Rafael Veras, head of corporate communications at Museum of Tomorrow.

Nick Myall

News editor

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