The interiors were designed by the Leon°16 team, with eclectic design from unknown creators, young Belgian talented Maria Scarpulla and Stofheer and established old and new design from Herman Miller and Ferm Living. The garden concept is the artistic work from gardenist Jan Minne, the visual identity from SOKI.

Leon Alfons Ernest De Witte was the son of Louis De Witte (The White) and Elisa Du Jardin (The Garden). He was a lieutenant-general in World War I and was responsible for the victory at the battle of Haelen (August 1914). That heroic act immediately led to the immortalisation in a street name. De Witte de Haelenstreet is located in the magical triangle of St. Catherine, the canal and the lovely Dansaertstraat, the beating heart of downtown Brussels.

B&B Leon°16 unites two garden suites in the memory of the white echoes of Leon’s father’s name and the green hues of his mother’s (De Witte - Du Jardin). Leon°16’s world inspires and houses brave adventurers, virtuoso soloists and bold lovers who want to find breathing space before and after venturing into exploring the energetic, urban jungle of Brussels.

Leon is not just another B&B, and that’s why this calm refuge has a lucky number °16. This is the story of Leon°16, with the tongue-in-cheek play on the French king - Léon Seize - and a no-nonsense nonchalance of a Brussels ketje (Brussels bloke).

The intimate suites are the refreshing creation of an intuitive search after the essence of design, comfort and authenticity. They are built around a garden, a green oasis of peace in our turbulent capital. With its green shadows and abundance of sunlight, the garden provides a  peaceful and soothing enclosure.


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