Occupying 2 adjacent commercial row units, the head office of Oriental Castle Group houses all its subsidiaries under one roof. The ground and top level are dedicated to staff facilities while department offices occupy 3 levels. 

The key objective was to provide spaces that facilitate formal and informal interactions, encouraging synergy internally and externally. A series of formal semi-enclosed modules and informal open area create functional zones within each narrow row unit, with the existing lift and stair core in the centre of both units. While zones are distinctly defined, each space flows seamlessly into the other, symbolic of the well-knitted relationship between subsidiaries.   

Staff and guests are first greeted with an oxidized steel facade - a bold indication of the Group's core business of steel supply. 

They then enter via the Gallery & Bar which is the primary communal space. The unique use of sheet piles lined up along the wall provide a statement of the Group's history in foundational steel products. Sheet piles are also used as bases for concrete bar tables. The Group's dealing in raw materials are also reflected throughout the office. The Gallery & Bar opens up to the Staff Lounge at the rear. The 2 modules then form a larger space for staff training or events.  

At the executive level, the lobby opens up to the Executive Lounge. The hint of oriental décor is derived from the Group's name. This is further accented in the Formal Exchange module, which is reminiscent of an oriental garden pavilion. Here top-level discussions are conducted in a environment conducive for contemplation. This environment is also shared by the Boardroom. Once again raw materials punctuate the spaces within a corporate setting. 

At the other unit, the MD's Administration fronts the MD's Office which is tucked at the rear. Straddling between the MD's Office and the Board Room is the Panty and Games Room where management unwind.

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