DeHui Tea Space

Steven Penney
Thursday 26 Jan 2017

DeHui Tea Space is situated amidst one of Beijing's remaining central Hutong neighbourhoods. Sandwiched between delivery service hubs, it sits still in contrast to the busy surrounding, among a pack of delivery tricycles that regularly flood the fronting parking lot. The Tea Space is an island offering tranquility and indulgence in a harsh world.

The facade frames the view inward to intimate spaces for contemplation and friend gathering. The flexible central space is suitable for a variety of activities and can host up to 100 people. Referencing the circle, as symbol of harmony, fulfilment and oneness in Chinese Culture, the design intends to offer a mindful and contemporary aesthetics approach whilst softening the rigid rectangular grid of the existing structure.

The open spaces are defined by white linen, sitting within a Zen scape of white pebble stone and plants. The intimate atmosphere encourages for gentle conversation and tea appreciation. Two private rooms continue the design motif of the main space. A generous circulation passage links all functions and doubles up as gallery for temporary exhibitions. Back of house is hidden away behind a montage door.

Material palette consists linen, elm wood, marble and terrazzo with occasional warm metal highlight. The central space features oval barrisol ceilings. The facade is back-lit frosted glass.

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